Family Guy Monopoly, Hours Of Family Fun

If you are a fan of Family guy and enjoy the game of Monopoly, the new Family Guy monopoly edition is the game for you. Quahog is for sale and you can and your family and friends can buy it. You will enjoy seeing your favorite characters on the game board and recognize some famous streets from the TV series.

Go, go to jail, free parking, jail, the big Monopoly sign and the layout of the game board are the only things left that will remind you of the original Monopoly game. First thing to start the game is choosing a playing piece.

Pick your favorite character to be your playing piece. Each character is crafted from pewter and ready to play. Brian is the piece having a beer, Chris is sucking his thumb, Peter is watching TV, Stewie is sitting in a high chair, Lois has a vacuum cleaner in her hand and Meg is just standing.

When you normal have to take a community chest or chance card when you landed on it, you now have to take a giggity, giggity, giggity card or a what the deuce card instead.

The character names have clearly been changed, since this edition is in Quahog, you will have Quagmires house, The Clam, and you may have to buy volcano insurance, just to name a few changes. You can become King or Queen of Quahog by buying up all the similarities and charge your friends and family rent for landing on your similarities.

The game includes: a game board, money (with the faces of the characters on it), dice, playing pieces, all the cards you need, mansions, houses and instructions. Just open the box and youre ready to take over Quahog. This game would be perfect for family game nights and a great way to use a long winter evening.

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