Feng Shui Tips For Your RV

Feng Shui Tips For Your RV

It is believed that feng shui utilizes the natural laws of the universe to help you unprotected to your goal with the help of positive chi flow. In laymans terms, its the art of arranging furniture in order for one to receive good luck. The principles of this art can not only assistance you in your home furniture, but it can be applied in addition when choosing and arranging RV furniture.

Here are some basics which can be applied right away:

– Clear up clutter from your RV. Get rid off all the things you don’t need nor love. You want positive chi to move freely.

– Put your seats at right angles to each other. This will also make it more conducive for conversations amongst family.

– Make sure that the coaches and the bed does not confront away from the entrance.

– Your bed should not be facing a mirror. In fact, there should be no mirror in the places that you are found off. It is said that this will bring about bad luck and third parties into your relationship.

– The stove in your kitchen area should not be across the refrigerator or sink. The functional reason is that you don’t want heat to go in your refrigerator as it will consume more electricity. The feng shui reason is that you don’t want the elements of fire and water to clash.

– Make sure that you put in as much natural light and air as possible. You want to welcome fresh positive chi into your RV.

– Place your bed against a substantial wall.

– If you have a pet turtle. Do not bring him along.

– Pick your parking identify wisely. Stay away from electrical poles as the magnetic fields will disrupt your sleep.

– Place the television set in the living room area instead of the bedroom. I know that this is a hard habit to break. If you must place it in your bedroom, cover it with a plastic (not cloth) table cover when you are not using it.

There are more feng shui concepts that you can apply when you are arranging your RV furniture. There are concepts like object and color placement (where you will make use of a feng shui star chart), there are color coordination principles you can follow, and so on and so forth. If you are seriously want to apply some improvement concepts, there are multiple supplies online and books on the subject. You can also consult a feng shui master or an interior designer.

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