First Locally Transmitted Case Of Omicron Detected

Australia : First locally transmitted case of Omicron detected

Australia on Friday reported a student with no history of foreign travel had tested positive for the Covid19 Omicron variant, the country’s first detected case of community transmission. Reports said at the minimum two students were infected with the Omicron variant in a Sydney school with 13 situations connected to the new variant in the school.

Australia now has 9 confirmed situations of the Omicron variant, 8 in New South Wales, where a third of the country’s 25 million people live. The latest case raises the possibility that Omicron may already be spreading more widely in the community.

South Australia has changes the border restrictions for those coming from NSW, as situations of the Omicron variant rise. “Effective later this afternoon we will be putting further requirements for people coming from NSW to have a test on arrival. This is another way that we will be protecting ourselves,” SA Premier Steven Marshal said.

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