Four Things That Cannot Returned To You

Four Things That Cannot Returned To You

Throughout history mankind have asked many questions based on death, the meaning of life, God, the devil, and last but not least; the meaning of hope. In this article I will present the four things that will never return to you once it has been put fort. Sometimes we put them out or they are presented to us by the inner workings of Destiny, Fate, and Providence (Some people call these Divine Order). Here are the four things:

1. The Spoken information – The spoken information is powerful; it can make, break, compel, destroy, manifest, cause war, mend, heal, kill, love and make hate strive into envy. Whenever we speak, our words are transmitted into either concrete or recondite concepts and if we say the wrong words that may offend others there is no possible way we can return those words back to us. already if apologize for statements we made the deed is already done. The spoken information is often taken for granted because people feel that within a free society one should be able to freely express their thoughts and opinions without any form of penalty. However, if we are to openly condemn one group of people over another there will be consequences that may affect us for the rest of our lives. We often see some celebrities, reporters, politicians, and already the regular man on the street get themselves into trouble when they say the wrong choice of words. No form of apology, rehab, or community service can erase what was already said.

2. A Sped Arrow – This has absolutely no relationship to Robin Hood! The sped arrow theory is metaphorical and can be related to things we say or do whenever we become angry. Rage can make a person commit acts of violence or already murder. A sped arrow can also be a premeditated or random act which may consequence in things we regret after the deed in done. When the evil plan is achieved and we are finally caught then we wish that the deed was never achieved.

3. A Past Life – Things that are past in our lives can never return to us exactly the same way in the present. Some people find it difficult to move on from a relationship they saw as good and may find themselves “stuck in the past”. When this happens the person in question will never be able to find their way in life’s path. The teaching of Another Thought helps individuals to move on when they find it difficult to let go. Anything that has past by our lives were placed there for various reasons and we must see it that way. Past relationships and situations that proved to be negative must first be forgotten. Ironically, these are the things that are often replayed in our minds time after time. Some individuals become depressed or already suicidal because they were not willing to give up negative things from the past.

4. A Neglected Opportunity – There is an old saying; “Opportunity only knocks once”. Whenever we get an opportunity to do something positive we should cease the moment without any doubt. There is a similar quote taken from the book “Another Thought” it says; ‘Chance comes once, second time as luck, third time as fate’. Once an opportunity has past us by it will never return to us exactly the same way. Life is a cosmic cycle and its motion never ceases to stop. We often hear of stories where people tell of lost opportunities. They often tell their stories with profound regret. Don’t allow a positive opportunity to past you by.

These four topics that were presented are inter-related into the philosophy of hope. We often take many things in our lives for granted and in doing so we have to pay the price of regret in the end. The Philosophy of Another Thought is the only functional teaching for mankind today. Hope is one of the central teaching of Another Thought. Hope brings positive actions which helps us to better understand ourselves; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Hope is basic for any positive change to take place. This important component helps us to believe in ourselves.

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