Free PHP Web Hosting – A Good or Bad Choice?

There is no doubt that every one of us like to use any sort of free sets. Same is here in the case of free PHP web hosting! People who have websites know that hosting is a very much vital part and if we do not obtain the hosting part all the other initiatives may go in vain! But at the same time we cannot deny that acquiring hosting space incurs some money. A few small businesses put forth this as excuse of not going online. However to relieve these business owners there are some hosting providers who provide free PHP web hosting. Now small businesses and everybody can enjoy this opportunity of hosting a dynamic website built with the most fevered scripting language of developers.

Anyways, all of us have to let in that there are always some good and bad sides of all the sets! And how come free PHP web hosting be different from that? Let us know see when this service is good choice:

If you have a very small business or yourself a new developer in the learning stage, free PHP web hosting is a good choice. There is no doubt that a very small business can begin its journey with this hosting service. however the new developers can start experimenting with their coding styles in this free service. It is a great opportunity to great number a small dynamic site and many a time with free domain name registration or sub domains. Besides that using free PHP website hosting, any kind of open source development can be incorporated with a site and those will run smoothly. There is no doubt that choosing the free PHP web hosting is a saving on recurring cost of the server rent. at any rate kind of hosting you choose, dedicated hosting or the cloud based pay per use hosting, there is always a recurring rent charge and that may fluctuate any time. But free service is a relief from this.

However should not we have a look at the bad side of free PHP web hosting? Lets see some bad sides of this service:

First of all is the access control on your server space. The moment you choose free PHP web hosting service, you agree that the access control will be in the hands of the service provider. And for any sort of small problem you have to keep on the mercy of the service provider. There will always be some limitations in your hosting account – space limit, bandwidth limit, email service limit and etc. It is no doubt that free PHP web hosting will be with small disk space given to you and the bandwidth will be limited. Same applies on the email account. There is no guarantee on the hosting uptime, no authority on the domain name (if you buy or take their free domain name) and of course the unwanted advertisements will be additional disadvantage! As you are leaving your files or the total website in the hands of the hosting service provider, you have to cope up with the advertisements placed within your site, the site may keep any time down, and you certainly may not have the authority on the domain name. They may just play with your business initiative.

In this way I hope you have understood how is going to be your probable experience with free PHP web hosting service. To conclude we may say that there is nothing good or bad about this free PHP based hosting service – it is absolutely a matter how you use it according to your need. If you have limited need it is best for you otherwise you should not try it for sure.

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