French Kissing a Hindu Girl

The Hindu religion is like a great ocean. It encompasses many gods and goddesses including already religions. For example the Lord Buddha is considered a Hindu incarnate in addition. The Hindu religion is a definite religion and no other religion is quite like it. It has manifestation of the occult, animism and early cults alongside sublime philosophy. Dr Radhakrishan in his book Hinduism has brought out the spiritual side of this great religion. Hinduism also teaches the tantric where sex is revered and thought to have sublime force that can have regenerative effect. It is a timeless force and if followed properly results in release of Psychic energy. Kissing is part of this release of sexual energy. But again with frequent invasions by the Moslems and the Turks the Hindus were reduced to a position of second class citizens in their own land. This had it s repercussions and the land of Kamasutra enforced a strict moralistic code on the Hindu woman. consequently we have a division in the sense that on one hand we have an open religion that espouses tantra and sex and on other side that represses a woman. consequently Hindu woman to an extant can be sexually repressed. A French kiss is consequently a not an easy proposition with woman who has been brought up in an air where she is considered the inferior being.

The essence of a French kiss is the equality amongst partners. It is an open mouthed kiss where the tongues analyze each other mouth and free flow of saliva occurs between the lovers. It is consequently a manifestation of equality of a woman and a man. Hindu woman consequently need to be guided towards a French kiss.

It is best to let the woman know of your admiration for her. Words of endearment must be there before touching the Hindu girls lips.It is best to awaken her slowly to the nuances of a kiss. Do not rush anything and do everything in a slow manner. You can start by kissing her eyelids and follow up with a kiss on the lips. Do not force her to open the mouth and be as natural as possible. You will find that after some time the mouth will open and then you can slide your tongue inside her moth. Keep your eyes open and savor the kiss. Kiss her as long as she responds or till you both become breathless. Continue again and suck each others tongue. A Hindu girl may have repressed sexuality, but once ignited she can be like a veritable volcano.

Kiss as many times as possible and gently analyze the inside of her mouth and taste her tongue. It will be a uncommon experience as the first step to the ultimate goal is taken. Make it a noticable event for her and you also. French kissing a Hindu girls and awakening her can be an exciting course of action.

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