Fumigation False Claims – Not A Healthy Option

For numerous decades the pest control industry has laid claim that the only way to kill all termites within a structure, including the ones not visible, was to cover and seal the complete structure with tarps and then fill the inside of the structure with lethal non-antidotal poison gas. This kind of treatment is also commonly referred to as tenting. Today the public is falsely being misled to believe by the pest industry advertisers that these decades old outdated termite kill remedies are nevertheless the only surest way.

During the civil war many soldiers returned home as amputees because the surest way doctors could prevent death from battle injuries was to amputate the injured appendage.

This continued to be a shared accepted medical practice for decades after the wars end.

The public today are aware of advancements in medicine since the civil war that allow injured appendages to be surgically repaired instead of amputated. Amputation is no longer a dominant medical treatment. It is now reserved as a last resort only.

On a similar observe, the public today has not been educated in the advancements of termite treatment that allows electronic detection and location of termites in visual and non-visual hidden areas. These new technologies along with non-invasive, chemical treatment alternatives such as microwave treatment, allow for treatment of all termites within a structure, including the ones not visible and all without the risks of human death associated with poison gas fumigation treatment.

The dominant recommendation for amputation of injured appendages no longer is applicable because of modern day progressive medical treatment procedures.

Henceforth fumigation with poison gas should also no longer be falsely promoted as a dominant treatment recommendation to the public as the only way to kill all termites in a structure. As with modern day medical amputation policies, fumigation with the use of lethal poison gas should also be re-classified as a last resort only treatment procedure.

Contrary to what the pest control industry also falsely claims, microwave termite treatment is not a secondary or limited method of treatment. When used in combination with obtainable progressive electronic detection and location devices, microwave termite treatment is a highly effective dominant treatment procedure that can freely be applied as a safe different to most old school dangerous fumigation.

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