Generator Hire – 7 shared Applications For a permanent strength Supply

Generator Hire – 7 shared Applications For a permanent strength Supply

There are many applications for which a permanent electrical strength supply is required. Generators are commonly hired for:

1. Construction site strength. Almost all construction sites are without mains strength until the project nears completion – however construction activities consume a lot of strength. Diesel generators are commonly found supplying electricity to site offices, canteens and drying rooms in addition as providing site-safe 110v strength for tools via transformers. A generator specialist will be able to correctly size the generator to meet expected need whilst minimising running costs.

2. Construction machinery strength. Larger diesel generators can also be found on construction sites supplying three phase (415v) strength to heavy machinery such as cranes, pumps and soil remediation units. Such equipment frequently requires the generator to be set up to suit the way in which strength is drawn from it. An experienced and competent generator hire company will be able to do this for you.

3. Manufacturing & industry. Planned maintenance or periods of exceptional need may dictate a need for permanent three phase (415v) strength to substitute or supplement the existing supply. for example, a manufacturing company may need to step up the number of machines operating to fulfill a particularly large or rushed order and find the existing supply insufficient. Again, careful consideration is needed regarding matching the size of the generator to the strength need put upon it.

4. Event strength. Many outdoor events from agricultural shows to huge music festivals require substantial permanent strength supplies to run PA systems, lighting and accommodation. Event organisers need ultra-reliable equipment and complicate dispensing equipment that only a specialized generator hire company can provide.

5. Standby/backup strength. Many basic applications such as mobile telephone masts, call centres, server rooms, hospitals, prisons etc. simply cannot provide to be without strength. A good generator hire specialist understands your mission basic systems and ensures that equipment is prepared to the highest standard, maintained properly for the duration of the hire and offers a 24/7 engineer response – giving you peace of mind every time.

6. strength outages. Utilities providers sometimes need to cut strength to an area while basic maintenance and repairs are carried out on the network grid. In such situations, a generator can be used to keep your business running. When production deadlines are missed, servers and networks go off line and already the phones stop ringing your business is at risk. Trust only a specialized generator hire specialist with your business continuity.

7. Supplementary strength. Generators may be used as a strength source for a larger hire solution such as a chiller package in a pharmaceutical plant, a boiler package in a food processing facility or a dehumidification package in a petrochemical terminal.

This list is by no method exhaustive, and is intended only as a guide to shared generator hire applications. Indeed, permanent strength supplies can be found in a multitude of applications in a wide range of business and public sector organisations.

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