Government should entrust us with treating its sick senior officials- …


Doctors at Mulago National Referral Hospital have requested the government to give them a chance and allow them to treat senior officials every time they need medical care instead of referring them oversea.

Doctors made the remarks while speaking to the media at Mulago hospital on Wednesday.

This statement is intended to reduce or stop the movement of government officials from flying oversea for treatment.

A section of doctors led by Doctor Samuel Odongo Oledo the president of Uganda Medical Association (UMA) say Mulago has well trained doctors who can manager and treat any case in the country, stressing that all they need is great hospital equipment to raise their facilities.


For years now, public officials have been flying oversea for medical care, with the latest one being the former speaker now the late Jacob Oulanyah.

It is from here that Dr Odong also sent his condolences to the family of the late Oulanyah and Ugandans at large for having lost a political icon in the country.

He however noted that Uganda has over 300 specialist doctors but they are denied a chance of exercising their professionalism.

Meanwhile, Dr Aron Nahabwe, chairperson of Uganda Medical Association said that as doctors they also feel proud to treat high profile people like the public officials however he stressed that the Uganda health system nevertheless lacks updated equipment hence asking the government to increase the health budget sector to permit them buy new equipment.

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