Helping Stylists Be Savvier

Massage therapists, hairstylist, manicurists, pedicurists and anyone else that works in the multi-million dollar health and beauty industry are among some of the hardest-working people around.

They are on their feet most of the day, they are regularly bending over and reaching up, they have to continue their tools and equipment, set appointments for future customers and make everyone happy – all with a smile on their confront.

Being able to do these special skills takes training and practice, and each individual person has rare talents that make them good at what they do.

There is one area that could be improved…appointment scheduling. It’s almost guaranteed that if someone runs her own shop or is responsible for setting her own appointments, she will almost never be able to truly answer the phone when it rings. Clients who desperately need their roots covered up, or brides-to-be who are frantically trying to schedule a picture-perfect manicure are left at the mercy of voicemail.

By the end of the day, the stylist is so tired the last thing he or she wants to do is return phone calls, but return them they must in order to ensure continued business success. So the stylist calls the client, only to hear, “We’re eating dinner. Can I call you back?” Sigh.

The good news is that there IS an easier way.

Clients can simply visit a salon’s website to set appointments online using appointment software that is built-in to the salon’s own website.

It’s simple and effective online booking software that allows the client to set appointments exactly when they need them, at the time they prefer, and they are able to do it immediately, without waiting for a call back from the stylist. Clients are also able to relay any important information the stylist needs to know.

Then, the stylist simply receives a notification that an appointment has been set. They can be cutting someone’s hair and simply look over at their smart phone and see they now have an appointment for the Monday afternoon gap they’d been trying to fill. Or, if schedules have changes, the stylist can send a message back to the client suggesting a new time.

Once the time is set, the software program will already send a confirmation email to the client to remind them of their appointment.

Removing the stress of appointment setting will be great for everyone. The client doesn’t have to wait for a return call and the stylist has more time to do their job.

Since the online appointment scheduler does all the work for the stylist and the client, everyone has more time to look beautiful!

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