Herbalife Review – The Dirty Truths About Herlbalife Business


Mark Hughes established Herbalife in the year 1980 with headquarters in Los Angeles, California. additionally, the company provides business opportunities to work from home by dispensing and marketing their items via Multi Level Marketing (MLM).

Herbalife, which is a MLM company, has shown a stable performance since its formation. The company manufactures different health and weight control products, personal care items, herbs, and dietary supplements. Manufacturers at this mlm company formulate products that help people to lose weight in a quick and efficient manner.

Thie company proved to be successful in meeting the demands of people in formulating natural supplements. Products of Herbalife are reliable and safe for consumption. It is one of the top most nutrition and weight management companies formulating and supplying high quality healthcare products.

In fact, the chief manufacturing company of Herbalife is located in China and several herbs used in the formulations of its products come from China. At present, this company is a multi-billion dollar corporation having numerous MLM associates and consumers. The distributors count has reached to a whooping 2 million all over the world.

Some of the noticeable products of Herbalife are protein high drink, multivitamin and mineral tablets, and natural in addition as herbal weight control pills.

Recently, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a notification against the products of this companyOn the other hand, FDA also claimed that, many products of this MLM Corporation are efficient for treating diseases, mental alertness, tumors, irregular blood circulation, but are not effective for weight loss.

The negative aspects are that many people, who tried products of this MLM Company experienced nausea, constipation, palpitations, lightheadedness, headache, and diarrhea. FDA found high caffeine content and powerful laxatives as the factors for these problems. However, at present, most of the products are completely free from such substances.

Products of this company have received approvals irrespective of varied in religion, social identities, geographical locations, and culture. In fact, pregnant women may also make use of Herbalife products. Obese people may reach a healthy mind, body and soul after using Herbalife products. These products promote healthy living.

An interesting thing is that this company deals with other issues than just promoting healthcare products, as the company funds several sporting activities, supports charity programs, and several foundations. consequently, you can become a marketer of Herbalife products to participate in such fundraising activities for a good cause.

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