How Is an MEP Project Executed by the Service Providing Companies?

Understanding the fact that MEP projects are not easy to execute makes the situation already more complicate for the contractors. For a layman the complexities of an MEP project are already beyond imagination. In a mechanical, electrical and plumbing project a wide variety of engineers are involved in its completion.

A company which takes the contract of an MEP project is always fully equipped with mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineers along with the talented CAD technicians and modelers. The knowledge of all these experts is incorporated while executing an MEP project.

the time of action of MEP project execution: Many steps and stages are involved in the completion of an MEP project. Below are the some sort of chronological steps included in the time of action.

An inquiry is made by the contractor: In the first step the contractor contacts the sets providing company and explains about the project in fleeting. The company providing the solutions or the sets reviews the project and reverts back to the client.

Basic inputs are sent by the client or the contractor: In the second step, the client who typically is the contractor sends the basic inputs in the form of rough sketches and specifications to the engineering service providing company. These specifications are then checked and looked upon by the engineers and technicians of the firm and then the scope of the project is discussed with the client.

The company finally gives its approval for the project: Once the specification is studied by the MEP engineers and the project is fully understood by them it is finally approved. The information regarding the approval is then provided back to the client company.

Project execution takes place: The work is then distributed among the experts in the engineering company. For example, if there is work related to the HVAC design and drafting it is allocated to the mechanical engineers and the work related to the electrical and plumbing is given to the respective engineers or experts.

The engineers are typically responsible for the designing, while the CAD technicians work on the drafting phase one the design is ready. The modelers start their work once the drafting documents are obtainable to them.

Once the models for the different MEP systems are ready coordination course of action for them is carried out by the company. Issues related to the discrepancies are dealt with and solution for them is found.

The project is then delivered to the clients in the form of 3D models and drafting documents as per the requirements of the client.

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