How to Clean Floor Tiles by Yourself

How to Clean Floor Tiles by Yourself

Tile floors, whether ceramic, vinyl or linoleum are very lasting and come in a wide variety of choices. Spending a short amount of time cleaning floor tiles can keep them in perfect condition for many years. Cleaning floor tiles is comparatively easier than other flooring choices. But different cleansers are meant for different types of tiles. So it is necessary that you understand the kind of flooring you are going to work with before choosing the cleaning solutions.

Vinyl flooring is cheaper when compared with ceramic tiles. The advantage is that it imparts the look of ceramic tile and is easier to install. Cleaning a vinyl floor is also an easy job. Dilute ½ cup of ammonia with warm water and use a soft cloth to apply the solution on the floor. Rub it in circular motions.After sometime wash the floor with clean water. You will be able to see the apparent difference on your floor. Ceramic tiles are one of the most popular flooring choices among an average American home owner.

Ceramic tiles now come into the markets in a wide variety of colors, size and thicknesses to suit differing customer needs. However ceramic tiles can be mainly classified into two- glazed and unglazed. This technique proves to be effective in cleansing both glazed and unglazed tiles effectively. Mix 1 tablespoon of borax and 2 tablespoons of ammonia to 1 gallon of warm water. Use a micro fiber mop to sponge the solution and apply it on the tile in circular motion. Wipe the floor finally with a clean damp rag.

Linoleum tiles are made out of natural elements. However some pigments are additional to them to give them desired color. Linoleum tiles are more lasting and do not scratch easily as vinyl flooring tiles. Usually they are waxed up for better protection. But if a need for a heavy cleaning arises, strip off the wax from the floor and spray a solution of 50% vinegar and 50% water on to it. Use a damp cloth soaked in warm water to wipe the floor afterwards.

Before cleaning your bathroom tile s you must disinfect them to make them free of germs. Spray the tiles using a disinfectant and wipe it clean with a damp cloth. Remove mold and mildew by using a solution of water and bleach mixed in equal dimensions and spray it on the affected areas. Leave it for some time. Then sponge it off.

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