How to Close More Sales Using a Conditional Closing Technique

How to Close More Sales Using a Conditional Closing Technique

All sales people want to know how to close more sales and earn more money or grow their business. Here’s a sales closing technique that will do just that because it influences the customer to buy now. The conditional close is where you give the customer a assistance or special deal that they really want. As part of this offer you add a condition that gives you something in return.

Closing a sale can be a negotiation. The buyer wants the best deal they can possibly get and you want the sale on the most advantageous terms you can unprotected to. Whenever you give something to the buyer, such as a price discount, extended warranty, free delivery, and any other concession, make sure you add a condition that benefits you.

Here’s a shared sales closing technique used in car sales. At the closing stage of the sales course of action the customer wants to know if the car sales person can reduce the price any further and suggest another 5% discount. The forecourt sales person is happy with the price because they built in some allowance for negotiation when they presented the selling price. But if the seller just gives away the 5% discount they have not attained anything. There is also no certainty that the customer will buy and they may come back with more demands before agreeing to the sale.

Using the conditional sales closing technique the car sales person would agree to the additional 5 % discount but only if they can close the deal today. This is the condition and the assistance to the seller in return for the concession given to the buyer.

When you use this sale close there are some additional techniques you can use to make it already more effective:

Make it a big deal

Make the additional discount appear to be a really big deal. Shake your head, breath in severely. Let them know that you really shouldn’t reduce the product any further. Then reluctantly agree to their request for a discount but only if they buy from you today.

Blame your manager

in addition as making a big deal out of their request for a discount you could also ask your manager, or pretend to ask them. Direct sales selling at the customer’s home can pretend to call their manager. Retail and forecourt sales can go into their manager’s office. Then you can tell the customer that the manager agrees to the discount but only if they sign today. You can be the good guy, arguing their case to the big bad boss. You did really well getting the discount for them so how can they complain about signing the deal today.

Give a really good reason to buy now

You can make the conditional closing technique work by giving the prospect a really good, believable, reason to buy now. For example, I only have one left in stock and the new stock will be more expensive. I have spare room on the next delivery truck so I can only give you a discount if you we deliver it today.

Using this technique you will start to see some of the objections and requests raised by customers as a way of closing the sale instead of stopping it. This builds confidence in your sales skills and leads to more sales being closed. Coming up with your own adaptations, for use on the shared objections and requests your customers give you, is the best way to learn how to close more sales with a conditional closing technique.

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