How to De-Consecrate a Talisman

Creating talismans is holy work. However, not all talismans are meant to last a lifetime. After they have served their purpose, they should be laid to rest. To finalize your work with a talisman it should be de-consecrated. (You can read more about the consecration of holy tools in my articles: What is a Talisman; How to Consecrate a Tarot or Oracle Deck, How to Consecrate a New Space of Home.)

De-consecrating a talisman is a simple course of action. Its a matter of disrupting the energy patterns you have produced in this object and then dispersing them to the Universe. There are many banishing formulas and rituals and most any will do, but be sure to pick one that is appropriate for each talisman.

Here is one simple way to de-consecrate a talisman. All you need is the talisman, an altar or other holy surface upon which to place the talisman.

Remove the talisman from its covering. If you can accomplish this without touching it, already better. This statement might be a bit confusing, so here is an example of what I average. If you have placed a stone, prayer, or affirmation-that sort of thing-into a bag, jar or a poppet etc, remove it. Place it in the center of your altar. Point your right index and middle finger together as a sword point. Point those two fingers toward the center of your talisman and say Talisman of my creation, your work is done. I de-consecrate you and return your energy from where it came. Trace a banishing pentagram over the talisman OR trace a counterclockwise spiral over the talisman. Facing your talisman visualize cutting all the cords of energy between yourself, the reason you made the talisman and the talisman. Touch your forehead with your right hand. Touch your Solar Plexus with your right hand. Touch your heat with your right hand. Touch your right shoulder and then your left shoulder with your right hand. Bring your palms together in front of your heart. State: As I wish it, it is so. Brush your hands down the front of your body and out to the sides removing any residual energies.Once you have de-consecrated the talisman, it should be disposed in a way that harmonizes with its associated elements or correspondences. For example: If you are de-consecrating a wealth talisman, it should be destroyed and buried in the earth. If you have produced a talisman associated with the component of fire, it should be burned and the ashes distributed on the earth. If you have produced a talisman because you want to take a great cruise, de-consecrate that talisman and release it by casting it on moving water. Back into the sea is the best, but a river will work as they flow into the sea, just dont use a pond or natural lake. If you have produced a communication talisman or one that works with the component of air turn it into bits and pieces and release them into the air from a high place where the currents will take them away.

Never store a talisman after you have finished using it. It is always best to create a new talisman when you return to a need or desire, than to dust off an old one that is nevertheless consecrated to old desires. Using a new car talisman you produced in 2003 will nevertheless have 2003 energy, not 2011 new car energy.

Talismans are holy objects and tools. Treat them with the care and respect sacredness deserves.

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