How To Develop a Rule Abiding Student

I had the opportunity to attend a parent teacher conference with a fifth grade teacher. This meeting started out discussing the student’s behavior and included a discussion about the student’s classwork and homework. This conference ended with some plans that both parent, student and teacher agreed upon.

Every time this student broke the classroom rules, every time a observe was sent home, and phone call home was made this was proven in the student’s folder. When the teacher spoke with the parent, she always agreed to speak with the student and work with the teacher to see that the student improved. This student was quite disturbing in class. After several violations of the classroom rules and after all other measures were depleted, the parent was called in for an after school conference.

The student was very well behaved in front of his parent. The classroom teacher informed the parent as to how many times the progress of a lesson was interrupted by this student. The teacher had the student inform his parent of the latest incident that led to the conference. The student was aware of his violating class rules and both parent and teacher discussed with the student the importance of changing his behavior. The parent let the student and teacher know what she was going to do at home to reinforce the behavioral changes that were necessary for this student to become a rule abiding student in this class.

The teacher brought out the student’s folder showing the effects his misconduct had on his classwork. The student was asked by the teacher what he was going to do closest to turn the situation around. The teacher let the student know that he had the control over his behavior and no one else. The student agreed to start over the next day with more positive footing. All parties involved signed a contractual agreement which listed expectations, rewards, and consequences. Below is a fleeting summary of the student’s contract which includes expectations, rewards and consequences.


I, (teacher), and I, (student), agree to go into into the following contract:

Mr. (student) will complete all class assignments and ask for help if he doesn’t understand.

Further, Mr. (student) will complete all homework assignments. This includes showing all work on math problems, not just the answers.

In exchange for the above, the following rewards will apply:

1. Each Friday, Mr. (student0 will be rewarded with a small treat.

2. If he completes all assignments during the grading period, his mother has agreed to take him to Toys R Us to window shop for Christmas.

If Mr. (student) does not complete all assignments the following consequences will apply:

1. Mr. (student) will relinquish the viewing of television for one evening.

2. Mr. (student) will lunch with Mrs. (teacher) to complete all unfinished work.

I agree to the above contract on this day, ___________________________________.

________________________ ________________________

Student Teacher

________________________ ________________________

Parent observe

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