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Wireshark Antivirus is not a authentic antivirus program. In fact, its fake antispyware software that bloats your PC and attempts to steal your money and identity. This badware will alert you regularly of threats to your system, robbing you of any productivity you hope to have, and will slow your processor speed down to a crawl. Why do the hackers make software like this? In hopes that you will buy a complete version of the software, and give them access to your bank account. It is not uncommon for unfortunate souls to be robbed of hundreds if not thousands of dollars as a consequence of spyware such as this.

Once Wireshark Antivirus is installed, it will run itself every time you start your PC. This method endless alerts and pop-ups. It is very difficult to uninstall spyware like this, and it will also make it difficult to run your normal programs. Your internet searches may be redirected, and you will not be able to run tools such as Add/Remove programs.

If you are an expert, you can attempt a manual removal of this software. I only recommend progressive PC users to attempt manual removals, as a mistake can consequence in an unusable PC. Having said that, you will need to delete corrupt registry files and system files, which a complete listing can be found on my website.

Automatic removal is easier, and saves time. Best of all, it protects the PC user against future viruses with active scanning. No longer do you have to worry about the site youre visiting, the video youre watching, or the file youre downloading. If youre unable to run an automatic removal tool, seemingly you can attempt to register Wireshark Antivirus with the code: significantother, which should then let you uninstall it with automatic removal software.

Stop the hackers from stealing your money and identity! Start with a free PC examine and remove Wireshark Antivirus today!

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