How to Grow Venus Fly Traps

Ill be the first to let in that venus fly traps are not the easiest plants in the world to look after and many people, including me, have managed to kill one in the past by without of knowledge. However luckily these fly traps arent truly as difficult to look after as you may first think, if only you to follow these few golden rules.

Lets start off by discussing the traps themselves. It takes a huge amount of energy for the plant to truly close a trap and so one should avoid setting off the traps just to see them close. However, if you like, you can drop flies or other insects (dead or alive) into the traps to permit your plant to eat.

Venus fly traps come from the damp, boggy areas around Carolina in the USA and so it is important that as fair as possible you replicate the ecosystem they are used to at home. This method nutrient-poor soil, bright sunlight and waterlogged soil. Placing your post plant into a saucer and ensuring there is always a centimetre or two of rain water will help keep it fit and healthy.

One final point worth mentioning is that these fly traps come from a reasonably temperate area instead of the tropics as many people believe. Because of this, venus fly traps should be allowed to cool down over winter by placing them in a frost-free but unheated room. A discarded or greenhouse will be fine. Many of the leaves may die off at this time of year but in the spring the plant will be healthier than ever before.

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