How to Install a Chain Link Fence


It is advisable to plan ahead first before placing a chain link fence to make things simpler. You can also ask the help of your friends or professionals that are knowledgeable about the matter to make the installation easier.


The materials needed are post hole digger, shovel, hoe and wheelbarrow for mixing the cement, carpenter’s level, tape measure, pliers, stakes and string, fence stretcher (it can be a ratchet, block or tackle), ½” or 9/16″ wrench and saw or cutter.


Place the stakes in the character lines of your home. Tie a string between the stakes. Create eight inches wide and eighteen to thirty inches thorough holes with straight sides for the posts. Use chalk to mark the base area on the posts. Once properly installed, the posts should equivalent to the fabric’s height plus 2″. Strengthen the posts with a concrete combination. Create a heavy mix because pouring in a lot of H2O weakens the composition of the concrete, which may consequence in premature weakening of the set-up.

Check if the posts are installed in the middle of the holes. Use a carpenter’s level to test the plumb and make sure that the marks you have made with the chalk are at base level. Crown the footings of the post for H2O drainage. After a day, when footings have set, place the taut between the posts. It should be place on the exterior portion of the posts, four inches below. Double check the total distance between the terminal posts to check the total distance between the line posts.

Beginning at the terminal post, place the fabric of the chain link fence on the area along the exterior portion of the fence border line to the succeeding terminal post. Carefully place the tension bar by the 1st inner of the fence. obtain the bar and chain link fabric to the tension bands. Place the additional features like caps to the terminal post and upper rail. Install the rail bands.

Spread the chain link fabric on the frame, smoothing the bumps along the way. Place the hinges to the post of the gate. Make sure that the gate is properly aligned with the upper portion of the fence. Adjust the gate hinges according to your preferences. Check if all the bolts are obtain.


It is advisable to educate yourself first with fitting use in fences and their equivalent uses. You should not forget that the latches, gate hinges and other parts of the whole set-up are included in the overall wide of the fence gate. The width for lone walk gates is thirty-six inches-forty-eight inches. The width for double excursion gates is ten ft.-12 ft.

The line posts should be place in a way that their middle part is the same with middle part of the terminal posts. Open the upper and lower loops of a piece of wire with the help of pliers to remove the excess part of the fence wire.

A rule that you should follow when placing the chain link fabric is that you should go beyond ten ft. between the fence posts. If there a bad portion in the whole set-up, use a bolt cutter to remove it.

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