How to Make Loads of Money Using the Concept of Expired Domain

Until recently many people believed that expired domain names are excellent just to branding. But do you know that by capturing such expired domain names you can make loads of money by traffic directed from such expired domain names?

Now, keep informed about this. There are thousands upon thousands of website listed in search engines (e.g. On Google, Yahoo etc ) of rare domain names, some of which expire. I believed you are getting my drift?

for example, you own wzic web hosting ( and you want to make money by it by directing high traffic into it, all you need to do is to find an expired domain name (e.g. ) and pointing it to your, you will get a steady flow of qualified visitors from search engines that have indexed such expired domain name (

It is not just search engines alone that you will get traffic from. Imagine some other websites that connected to There are chances that many of those links are nevertheless active, pointing to this expired domain. So, if you can only register such a domain name, you can capture a stream of traffic in which you can afterward transform to loads of money by sales on your site. To find such names, there are two important things:

1. List of expired domain names

2. A link popularity checker to confirm whether a particular expired domain name has any links pointed to it.

This is just how you can make money online without too much stress with expired domain names.

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