How to Move to a New Windows Web Hosting Provider With Plesk Control P…

You decided to switch your current web hosting provider, you searched a lot and finally you have signed up with your new windows web hosting company. But you are wondering about your uptime during move; how to keep your web site’s downtime in minimum or already zero?

at the minimum before 1 day starting the move of your web site: Login to the Plesk control panel of your current great number, and click “Domains” > click “” > click “DNS Settings” > click “SOA Record”. There you will see the “Default TTL” is (most probably) “1 day” or “86400 Seconds”. Set it to “15 Minutes” or “900 Seconds” then click “Set”.

What we have done above? “Changing the “Time to Live” TTL from 1 day to 15 minutes method that as soon as you change the name servers, it will take affect everywhere within 15 minutes as opposed to 1 day. This will be helpful after moving your web site because you want your web site point to your new server quickly so that file changes, new database records, new emails, etc all reach to your new server and don’t “disappear.”

Wait at the minimum 1 day then login to the Plesk control panel of your “current great number”, and click “Domains” > click “” > click “Backup Manager” > click “Personal FTP Repository Settings” and go into the required information of your “new great number” i.e. Server IP, your FTP login credentials etc. go into “httpdocs” for “Directory for backups…” Then click “OK”. If the connection is not successful, Plesk will let you know.

Then return to “Backup Manager”, click “Backup”, go into a name, select “Personal FTP repository” radio button, select “Domain configuration and content”, and click “Backup”. The duration of backup operation depends on your web site’s quantity. After the operation completed; you will see the backup file under “Personal FTP Repository” tab. This method that your zip file has been prepared and transferred to your new server. Preferably, you can download it to your computer by clicking “Floppy Disk” icon at right.

Contact your “new” company’s sustain and tell them that your web site’s Plesk backup is under “httpdocs” folder and ask them to restore it. Or locate the “backup Manager” of your domain at the new Plesk and click “Upload Files to the Server Repository”, then browse your zip file and upload. After uploaded, you will see the backup file under “Server Repository” tab then click the file name, then choose restoration options and click “Restore”. The great thing here is your web site will be same as before without hard work.

After restoration, browse “NewServerIP/$sitepreview/” and make sure that your web site is ok. Then login to your domain registrar i.e. and change the name servers of your domain to point your new server. Approximately after 15 minutes, your web site traffic will be routed to your new windows web hosting provider.

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