How to Open a Bank Account in the Dominican Republic

One of the most important parts of re-locating anywhere is having a bank account, somewhere you are able to place, send and withdraw money from.

In the Dominican Republic there are numerous banking institutions, all of which are backed by the central bank, which method that your money will always be safe.

In the Dominican Republic you can open an account in the local money, Dominican Peso (RD$), American Dollars (US$) or Euros (EUR).

These are the names of some of the edges in the Dominican Republic.

Banco Popular

Banco De Reservas

Banco Leon

Banco Del Progresso

Banco Santa Cruz

Banco BHD



To open an account in any of the above institutions you will be required to provide a reference letter from a bank where you have an existing account, a personal/commercial reference, a copy of your passport and money – the usual minimum amounts for opening an account are US$200, EUR200 and RD$5,000.

There are also some edges which now offer online banking sets, which method you don’t have to wait in line to be served, yay!

For more information on opening a bank account in the DR talk to Tay, he will be able to assist you with bank accounts, certificates, credit cards and other bank related matters in the Dominican Republic. Considered a safe banking system, the DR edges are all backed by the central bank, where you can acquire high interest rates for your pesos. When considering a life changing move, think about the DR, nevertheless the cheapest in the Caribbean in addition nevertheless one of the least discovered places to visit.

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