How to Practice Tennis Ghosting

What is Tennis Ghosting? It is not a spirit of somebody who as passed on that is for sure. Ghosting is to play a point on your own without a ball. This teaches you to practice every shot or movement around the court, just as if you are playing a real game situation. Let us have a look at a shared problem finding it difficult to follow by on your forehand stroke? Stopping your swing too early?

Before starting your ghosting get the feel of hitting with a good follow by. Just warm up gently by shadow stroking the forehand, to unprotected to this put some tape on top of your wrist of your hitting hand, and more tape on your shoulder of your none hitting arm. Then as you practice try and make the two pieces of tape connect at the end of your follow by.

Set up the practice by placing a marker where the inner tram line meets the base line, this is where you would hit the ball if you were made to move from the center of the baseline. You can practice ghosting initially by starting in the ready position, start slowly with a skip step a small bounce on both legs at the same time. Then turn sidewards toward the side you are going hit that imaginary tennis ball, make sure you keep adjusting until you truly hit the ball. The important thing here is to make sure you are balanced when your arm is being used to swing and connect. Keep one foot on the ground for a divided second, it will help control your swing.

To make sure of ghosting correctly ask a friend to monitor and estimate your practice. When you first start ghosting you may feel a little embarrassed. The reason for this is that if you do not hit correctly, your ghosting will find you out. If you find that you are not coordinating then ghost in slow motion. Feel the follow by or the balanced foot when you swing your arm. observe the difference it makes, have fun and enjoy your achievements. Always make sure you warm up well and are in good health, ghosting can be very demanding. Target would be 5 reps for beginner done comfortable then build up to in any case your desire takes you. More progressive might be 20 reps in a time you stipulate. Do not overdo it practice with quality and improvement.

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