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In the world of remedies for allergies, colds and flu, you will find prescription and over-the-counter medicines obtainable that will astound the imagination. Just a few years back, there was less variety on the shelves. Now, you walk-in to a Walgreens, a CVS, or a Wal-Mart pharmacy and you have to check the complete aisle to figure out exactly what is good for you. Dont despair because I also do the same! I nevertheless catch a cold once in a while, but nothing compared to what I had to go by years ago. Every year I would come down with more than one very strong cold that resulted in a nasal infection; which inevitably would require antibiotics to cure it.

Heres what I found out from doctors all over the world in my travels: If you build-up your immune system, in any case allergies, cold or flu viruses that hit you in the future will be less painful and harsh. The question that I never seemed to find an answer to was, What specifically do I have to do to build-up my immune system against allergies, the shared cold and the flu?

One day, and truly by accident, I came across a formula that answered that same question by someone who had attended a vitamin convention in Orlando, Florida. I tested the formula simply on impulse to get rid of my colds and continued nasal infections.

Here is the composition of the formula that was given to me years back, which I have followed faithfully. I can count the number of times I caught colds and the flu in the last ten years, and that is: four minor head colds; no sinusitis (nasal infection); and no flu at all. Another major assistance derived from this formula was that my normal day-to-day allergies disappeared altogether.

The start-up dosage of vitamin and herbs recommended in the formula to begin building maximum immunity results is the following:

Start-up Program-First Week:

-Vitamin C (1000 mg) – 6 tablets per day: 2 in the morning; 2 at noontime; and 2 in the evening, before or after meals is fine.

– Echinacea-6 tablets per day, and may be taken in the same order as Vitamin C

-Garlic (odorless) (1000mg)-6 tablets per day, and may be taken in the same order as Echinacea and Vitamin C

Start-up Program-Second Week:

4 tablets per day of Vitamin C; 4 Echinacea; and 4 Garlic: at the minimum two of each in the morning, and the rest to be taken throughout the day.

Start-up Program-Third Week and thereafter year after year:

2 tablets per day of Vitamin C; 2 Echinacea; and 2 Garlic to be taken preferably all in the morning.

observe: The above vitamin and herbs program is intended to be in addition to your daily intake of other vitamins, minerals and herbs that you may already be taking. Regular Echinacea is fine, but you might find other forms of Echinacea with additional compounds, and thats okay to take.

Here are 3 important tips to help you avoid catching germs that cause the majority of colds, allergies and the flu:

1) Keep in your car and in your office desk, or for the ladies in your purses, a bottle of hand sanitizer and use it on a regular basis during the day to clean your hands. Otherwise, just wash your hands during the day with soap and water, whenever you get a chance.

2) If you do catch a cold or the flu in the future (hopefully few to none) once the cycle is over, get rid of all your toothbrushes and buy new ones. Germs from your last cold or the flu may keep in the old tooth brushes and can easily continue to affect you.

3) Carry a handkerchief or tissues with you, and try if possible to cover your mouth whenever you cough or sneeze. When you cough or sneeze and you dont cover your mouth, the germs that may be present will spread in the air. Many people use their hands to cover their mouths and consequently catch germs. Thats why I recommend that you wash your hands regularly throughout the day. Two meaningful ways that I am aware of as to how cold and flu germs spread are: one, by the air conditioning system in airplanes, business offices, home ecosystem and public places, and the second most shared method is by handshake.

Now that you know perhaps a new way to prevent allergies, the shared cold and the normal flu, remember the difference between preventive measures versus relief medication. Preventive measures are what I have discussed above. Relief medication is what we all buy at the drugstore to relieve the pain and to reduce the fever of a cold or the flu. Give the Start-up Program a chance for your own health and well-being. Why not fight those pesky germs that bring down more people sick every year than anything else known to the human race, with a stronger immune system for the rest of your life? Life is a lot more enjoyable when you suffer less and live more!

Tony McCleary

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