How to Recognize Termites

How to Recognize Termites

It is one thing to know that termites can cause a lot of damage to your home, but it is another thing to be able to recognize them. Termites are often confused with other insects – particularly ants. Here are some ways you can clarify termites.

There are several features that make it easy to clarify termites. For one thing, termites do not have the very slender waist that an ant will have. Termites are rather thick in the mid-section and really have no waist to speak of. 

Another rare characterize is their antennae. A termites antennae are beaded, and are straight, while an ants antennae are bent and smooth.

The bodies of termites are generally light in color. Some workers have almost transparent abdomens. Soldiers are usually a little darker in color and also will have larger heads and jaws. The jaws of some types of termite soldiers makes it impossible for them to satisfy themselves, but workers must satisfy them, too, in addition as the queen.

When it comes to wings, there is again a difference. A termites four wings will be equal in length, while this is not true of an ant. Their wings are not equal.

Both termites and ants will fly at certain seasons. When a colony of termites becomes large, possible kings and queens will leave the colony and create termite swarms. They will then quickly form a nest, mate, and lay eggs. Neither kings nor queens eat wood, however, but the workers that will be born will.

Termites quickly lose their wings and you may find them lying around the house. This is sure evidence that you have termites. Unfortunately you will not know whether they are leaving the nest in your house, or if they are just now coming to your house and starting the first colony.

A termite inspector will be glad to come and help determine if you have termites or not. He knows what to look for and where to look. already better, though, is that once the particular kind of termites are identified, then the right poisons can be used for termite extermination.

Once you see any evidence that termites could be present or termite damage that is when it is time to contact your termite pest control company. You certainly do not want to wait because termites can cause damage for a long time and you may not already be aware that they are there.

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