How to Repair Event ID 454 in Exchange Server

Each Event ID has a different meaning, like Event ID 454 indicates that the Information Store database has got corrupted due to any cause. In the description part, you would see different error numbers, by which the source of corruption and hence cure can be judged out:

Information Store (976) Database recovery/restore f th unexpected error Error Number

With Event ID 454, the application wants to tell that there is a problem with the restore or recovery operation with the database. If Exchange Server has detected a missing file, any different version file or the corrupted files in the database, this Event ID can be seen. Now, with different Error numbers, you can find the culprit:

Error 1216: During recovery course of action, when ESE attempts to bring all the databases in a storage group into a consistent course of action and finds a database missing, the error may be seen. So locate and restore the missing databases to the appropriate folder. Another cause could be the missing or replaced transactions logs with different versions and hence restore them and have soft EDB recovery. While the restore option, the non-access to the Active Directory can also contribute and so replay the log files.

Error 552: D e generation of patch files which use the same name as of database having .pat file extension, the error may be seen. During restoration from the online backup, these files are written in a single folder and hence only one patch file is obtainable due to overwriting and restoration fails. So try to uniquely name the databases in the single storage group.

Error 2204: If the streaming files have been moved, the error may be seen. So locate or restore them from backup.

Error 501: This occurs due to the corruption of log files. So if the database files are consistent, move all the log files from the folder and if they are not, have Exchange Server sustain / Recovery from backup or using Eseutil/p.

The situations may arise where you don´t have backup and also don´t want to sacrifice the data with the destructing act of Eseutil. This is the stage when you need some third party help of EDB recovery software. The software prove as a safe play with the corrupted database, giving the extract mecha the affected database.

Stellar Phoenix Mailbox exchange Recovery is the application to have the valuable results of Exchange Server repair. This uses the most powerful EDB repair targeted scanning algorithms to extract the mailboxes. This Exchange Server sustain software is compatible with Exchange Server 5.5, 2000 and 2003. You can get all the e-mails, notes, cale pointments and other EDB objects, with Exchange Server recovery done.

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