How to Set Up Your Own Scuttle Social Bookmarking Site in 10 Steps

Scuttle social bookmarking sites are a great way to save your bookmarks and to get you web sites some great back links.

Scuttle is a free open source social bookmarking software developed in PHP and MySQL and is obtainable for down load at, just search for sourceforge + scuttle in your favourite search engine.

I have prepared this basic step by step guide to quickly set up your new scuttle social bookmarking site. The assumptions made are that you are already familiar with purchasing domain names and setting up hosting and MySQL databases. If you do not have this experience then you can find the information in various places on the web.

You need a domain to great number the site on, you have three options here, preferably one with a name that suits the purpose although almost any name can be made to fit: The quickest is to use a domain with a appropriate name that you already own and is lying idle or parked waiting for that big new project, unfortunately not everyone is that lucky. The next quickest is to go to GoDaddy or a similar registrar and buy a appropriate domain. The third and slowest method is to buy a deleting name with existing page rank from GoDaddy or similar auction sites. This may be the slowest method but gives you a head start regarding building up back links and page rank. Next you need some hosting, if you dont already have hosting try my favourites: Dreamhost or Bluehost. Now you will need to set up a database for Scuttle to use, make a observe of the database name and sign on credentials. Go to sourceforge and download the latest version of Scuttle to your hard excursion. Unzip all the files. Use the tables.sql file to set up the Scuttle tables in your new database. Edit the file with your new database details. There are other options that can be configured but for the moment this is all you need to do. Now, using an FTP utility like FileZilla, upload all the files and folders that you unzipped to the root directory of your domain. Set the CHMOD permissions on the /cache subdirectory to 777. You are done and ready to rock and roll! Go to the root directory of and start entering some of your own bookmarks.

You will find that the social bookmarking crowd will find you site by searching for certain Scuttle rare keyword phrases such as store, proportion and tag your favourite links and inurl_sort=url_asc.

However it is much better to speed along the procedure by doing some social bookmarking of your own to get your site seen and indexed more quickly. I suggest you submit your new site to Digg, StumbleUpon and a few other well know sites.

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