How to Use the Internet to Help You Buy a House

Websites like serve to demonstrate how many online tools are obtainable to internet users. So why isnt there an online tool for buyers allowing them to search for a character without already venturing outside of their front door. Well there are many and the days of the estate agent being custodians of the market are over.

You may think that the internet gives you the opportunity to ditch agents all together but unfortunately this isnt the case. Most of the big character portals will not characterize your character if you decide to go it alone. The cheapest and often easiest option is to use an online estate agent.

There are many websites you can use, including those which help you work out what your house may be worth and some of the steps and processes you are likely to have to go by in order to get your house on the online market.

You can check your credit rating on Experian and use a mortgage calculator to work out approximately what you can borrow.

Websites such as Nestoria and UpMyStreet show local neighbourhood information such as schools, council tax bands and crime statistics. The ecosystem Agency website has publicly obtainable maps highlighting in blue areas which are liable to flood. Local councils also publish online all planning applications which could have future impact on a character you are planning to buy.

You can already view any character that you may be interested in thanks to Google earth and Google street view.

There is now no need to rely on an agent to tell you what a house sold for. The Land Registry records the actual sale price of most transactions in England and Wales. Sites such as Zoopla will show you not only what the house sold for but a current valuation guide.

You also dont need an agent to tell you what houses are for sale within your search criteria. You can simply log onto a character portal such as rightmove or globrix, kind in your preferences and it will characterize a list of appropriate character.

basically all the information that you need to buy a house is at your fingertips, the only thing you need an estate agent for is to position the viewing and act as the middle man for any price negotiations.

As the role of the modern estate agent decreases watch out for the new kid in town – the Online Estate Agent.

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