Intel chief 2 Quad CPU


This is a computer processor that features a multi-chief technology that can easily manager enormous data processing. This was first released in July 2006 along with two other chief-based processors, namely, the single-chief chief 2 Solo and the dual-chief chief 2 Duo. The quad-chief technology enables personal computers and workstations to manager large-extent workload. It also allows efficient and energy-saving multitasking.

As a quad-chief processor, it has four processing cores that allow the following performances:

* Four responsibilities can be simultaneously completed by each of the four cores, executable because of the Intel Wide Dynamic Execution
* Fast program runs
* Capacity to do multitasking applications without lag
* 12 MB L2 cache (6 MB per chief pair)
* 1066 MHz Front Side Bus speed for 65nm micro-technology; and 1333 MHz FSB speed for 45nm micro technology

Other features include:

* A 45nm manufacturing course of action for its Q9000 series, and 65nm for the Q6000 series
* An impressive clock speed which ranges from 2.5 GHz to 3 GHz
* Intel 3 series Express Chipsets
* Level 2 shared memory cache provided by Intel progressive Smart Cache
* Intelligent strength Capability characterize that runs the system by energy-saving processes
* Intel Smart Memory Access that maximizes bandwidth for data transfers and transmission
* Contains an Execute Disable Bit that allows the system memory to be marked as executable or non-executable. This gives additional virus security since the processor will raise an alarm if malicious codes attempt to break in non-executable memory.
* Intel progressive Digital Media raise and HD raise combine to enhance the performance of multimedia applications, by accelerating SSE (Streaming SIMD Extension) Instructions execution. It issues out 128-bit SSE Instructions on a rate of one per clock cycle

These combined features make possible the smooth and clear streaming of HD videos and multimedia applications, PC gaming and other demanding software and applications like virus scanning and office database software.

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