Intensity Of Concentration Equals Materialization – Or Maybe Not

Intensity Of Concentration Equals Materialization – Or Maybe Not


At first read, this question may seem to be self-answering but the fact is that few people ever give a second thought to how or why things happen in their lives, let alone ever consider the fact that they may truly be creating and influencing the relative importance of those events by their own actions.

I wanted to write this article due to the popularity of other articles that I have written in the past regarding how and why “bad things and good things” happen to you and your part in creating them. I have gone to length to explain, I must say, in some great detail, how you unknowingly collect the usable energy of the universe, how it is then formed and projected into physical events and objects in accordance with your beliefs.

Thought, desire, emotion, imagination and expectation follow your beliefs and by processes that I won’t go into here, are the catalyst for the beginning of “particularization” of atomic structure into substantial appearing objects and events.

Am I saying that everything that you see, smell, touch, hear and taste are not really real? Am I saying that everything you perceive is illusion? Am I inferring that you are hallucinating your reality and then experiencing your hallucination? YES, YES, YES.

Does that knowledge make reality any more displeasing? NO. And it has been so since the beginning of the physical universe. So pervasive is the unconscious inclination to create matter that everything you think becomes real somewhere, sometime, someplace. You cannot think a thought that does not materialize to some extent in its own level of reality, and so, every thought will find a home somewhere.

So strong is the propensity for energy to transform into matter with thought dictating the form that every sub-microscopic, miniature particle of consciousness is always moving toward future materialization. Consciousness wants to be known and the way it becomes known in the physical system is by materialization, where it combines with other like particles to build up a presence in physical substance. Thought is the originator of physical form and is the catalyst for what comes after.

But there’s more to it than that, and to leave it there would be an injustice to those who truly want to understand.

It is a well known fact, already to most scientists, that objects are not really substantial in a sense that they are not truly concrete in character, but a concentration of very rapidly spinning sub-microscopic particles that impart certain similarities that will be interpreted as substantial form, and when equaled precisely with sympathetic perceptual mechanisms of animals and humans, will take on the similarities of perceived permanency.

Tables, chairs, cars, buildings, mountains, rivers and the bodies of all living things, including the human species are all results of this creative course of action, as are all other physically appearing occurrences that you would apply the description of “substantial matter”. substantial matter is not substantial, but it is usable and if you do it right, it can be very pleasurable. However, if you do it wrong, you can be reaping the results for what seems like an eternity of bad luck and misfortune that will follow you to the ends of the earth or to the end of you, whichever comes first.

The reason that some people seem to “have all the bad luck” is not bad luck at all, but a deficiency in knowledge of how to apply the basic concepts of the creative course of action of the universe in their lives. They have unconsciously learned how to do it wrong, and that can stick with some people for their complete lives. Since it never occurs to them that their thoughts are automatically and regularly materializing in front of them, behind them, to their sides and in fact, surrounding them, day in and day out, it never occurs to them that they are the creators of the events of their lives. Their lives will seem to be born into pain and sorrow

I know that many of my readers have heard the metaphysical mumbo-jumbo about creating reality all too frequently without adequate explanation, so I want to briefly explain what I average by the creative course of action. It would not be too far off to say that YOU are the consequence of all of your life’s thoughts, coalesced into one package. Your complete life, your cells, your organs, your brain, your nervous system and your complete physical body is the cumulative consequence of your past and present thoughts about yourself. It is regularly being produced and changing as you meet your daily challenges and the slightest “changed thought” to some extent, alters every cell in your body.

When I say that you are the creator of an object, what I average is that you give birth, with your thoughts, to the event that will attract that object into your life focus. Let’s say that you want a nice house. Now it would be easy for you to say that you understand that if you work hard, save your money, go to church, give to the needy and walk the straight and thin path, you just might ultimately get the house that you want. I am not saying that at all. In fact, you do not have to do any of the above.

What I am saying is that if you do ultimately get the house, it is not for the above reasons, but in spite of of the above reasons. Sure, the house will not mysteriously pop out of your head and surprise you. You will get the house because you began to set aside your doubts and dwell on thoughts of living in a nice house that you desire. You let that desire run, give it free reign, go with it, imagine how your furniture would look in the house, imagine living in it, raising your family in it and at the same time imagine the path you will take to raise the money to buy the house.

You will be setting the stage for the beginning of a psychological reality, ahouse event that will materialize somewhere, sometime. It is your job to cause that event to materialize in your life in your time and not in another reality system where less viable psychic constructions will settle in at their own level of reality. I realize that I am using rather simplified language here, but I would rather speak simply and be understood than speak in learned terms that no one would understand. There are countless planes of reality that occur in the same space as your world and in some of these thought images are the rule.

There is one rule present in all systems of reality in all worlds or planes of actuality, in all universes, and that rule is this; already your most simple thought will seek form and materialize somewhere. I am not inferring that it will materialize as it would in the physical world that you live, but it will assume a form native to the system or plane where it does actualize, and since it’s energy is slightly limited, that form will be of lesser quality and complexity than one that it would have had had it materialized in your physical world.


clearly, not every thought that you think will actualize in your world, and of course, you have already noticed that in your daily life, but understand that every thought that you think materializes, no matter how insignificant it may seem. Your job is to make sure that it materializes in your ecosystem in your world.

What you can gather from what I have been saying, is that the quality of the thought determines what, where and when it will materialize.

by concentration you give already the slightest thought additional energy and in that respect, you not only accelerate its emergence into physical similarities, you enhance its qualities of solidity, duration and durability in the physical world. Not only do you make it more applicable, more meaningful in terms of permanence, visibility and usability, but you also make it comparatively more perceivable to your kind of sensual experience, but you also impart qualities of pleasure, enjoyment or pain and torment to either enhance the fulfillment of your life or to make it extremely at times.

You are only able to perceive psychological data that can be detected by your eyes, nose, ears, tongue and touch sensors such as fingers, etc. In that respect, you only create and perceive and react to a small percentage of the obtainable data that exists in your psychic neighborhood. You are evolving to perceive much more, and that is your purpose in life, to be aware of more. You are capable of creating your own satisfactions in life.

Since this is what most people would call an ESP or additional sensory kind of endeavor, like all other additional sensory occurrences, they work better when you are not trying to make them work, to force them to comply with your wishes and desires. the time of action happens naturally and spontaneously and the more you try to force them to happen, the less likely they are to happen.

Remember, you have been doing it all along, innocent of conscious awareness and this is precisely the reason it works so well. You may pride yourself in being a strong willed person, but that trait will not serve you well in creating a fulfilled personal reality, because will strength doesn’t work cause anything psychic to happen, in fact it impedes the unseen psychic processes required to build up a desired consequence in your life.

This is where most people fall short, because when your concentration is too overt, it short circuits the creative processes and detours the projecting universal energy. There is no rule that says that good events must be counter-balanced by bad events. There are no limitations to how your life can be structured and it is perfectly permissible for you to enjoy a life that is only composed of advantageous experiences. In other words, it can all be good and does not have to be counter-balanced with bad things.

After all, you have been creating your reality since your consciousness became to some extent “self aware”. In Earth reality, you have been creating your own reality since your physical birth, but remember, your physical birth was not the beginning of you. It was just your awareness of a melding of your identity with a physical body.

Two of the most universal traits of consciousness are pleasure and pain, and no invisible god sitting on a cloud somewhere inflicts either upon you. As an independent identity it is your responsibility to seek out the pleasures of life and not the tragedies.

To create what you want, to get the best that life can offer, you must understand that the only limitations are the ones you self-inflict upon yourself, there are no others. To create what you want you must learn how to unconsciously concentrate on what you desire over a period of time. You do this by getting involved with what you want instead of sitting and consciously concentrating on it. Over concentration brings about doubt and doubt can limit the physical materialization and send it into other fields of actualization.

People, who got involved, immersed themselves with what they were seeking and produced the great inventions of history. Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, didn’t sit and concentrate, they dove in headfirst and got involved with what they conceived. You must do the same. That, my friends, is unconscious concentration. You cannot impose your will on the universe; it simply will not comply when you try to force it.

When it comes to creation, the universe leans in your direction and good things are more inclined to materialize than negative ones, so in that respect, you have an advantage, and a powerful one if you learn how to utilize it.

Think about what you want and then get involved. Consciously concentrate for only five minutes once a week so as not to overdue it, lest you begin to think that the time of action is not working. If that happens the negative effect can derail the time of action completely or at the minimum delay it.

In very real terms, you must learn how to center and focus your attention to one thing without overdoing it, and that is not as easy as it might sound. Intensity and duration of belief in what you want in terms of time method that you must be persistent over a period time, but not persistent as in “non-stop”. To think intensely once-in-a-while on a regular basis is the rule.

Finally there is another important reason many people do not get what the want is because they may think they want something, but unconsciously, they do not want it bad enough for an object or event to improving into the physical world. Make sure that what you think you want, you really want, or it won’t work.

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