International Brand Registration & Protection

International Brand Registration & Protection

Generally, brand refers to the trade mark used to discriminate the goods or sets among the consumers. The business group sells their sets or goods under the stated name or brand that is called trade mark. consequently, the brand is registered in order to avoid the duplication or use the same mark by others. In view of this, the brand registration referred to as trademark registration.

Trade mark registration is the protection given by the government to the business entities as to reduce the possibility of getting the advantage of the business by others by the way of misuse and to increase the opportunities keeping the mark exclusive under the eye of law.

The trade mark is registered for the business name, brand name and logo as to discriminate, popularise, create the goodwill and save the mark from competitors and fraudulents. The trade mark may be categorised as Ordinary trademark, Certification trade mark & collective trade mark.

In addition, if some business entity wishes to extend its business in more than one or several countries, it can proceed with International Trade mark registration. The titled name International Brand Registration is the ordinary form of the International Trade mark registration. It is meant, when the registration is done by any International treaty, that gives the protection in all the countries/ states associated with the treaty.

Some important treaties are mentioned below that gives the facilities for the International Brand Registration.

Community Trademark: International trademark registration that grants protection to all EU country members.

Madrid System: Facilitates the registration of trademark in 84 countries

ARIPO Trademark Registration: Provides trademark registration to a group of African countries.

OAPI Trademark Registration: Provides trademark registration to a group of African countries.

By registering the mark in any of above treaties one can enjoy the business in all the countries associated with the respective treaty without any hassles.

For example, if one entity proceeds for International Brand Registration under OHIM for Community trade mark it can prevent any misuse of the mark in 27 European countries. consequently the International Trade mark registration or International Brand Registration is considered an excellent facility for those who wish their mark in many countries by avoiding going for registration in each country.

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