Is An Ultrasonic Bird Repeller A Better Option Than A Sonic Bird Control Device?

Is An Ultrasonic Bird Repeller A Better Option Than A Sonic Bird Control Device?

Bird invasion is a problem most homeowners confront after spring, and gets worse during the summer. Without anything to control these birds, this can spell disaster for your home, garden and family welfare. Bird discharges carry bacteria and viruses that can affect the health of the complete household. An ultrasonic bird repeller is one of the many bird control products to choose from. But the how is this better than sonic bird control products?

The Sonic and Ultrasonic Difference:

When it’s spring time, birds are sure to come in every corner of the city. From restaurants, golf courses, hotels and already your home is no exception. Sonic control items use sound groups to irritate the bird’s auditory senses, diverting them away from your area. With an ultrasonic bird repeller, the audible sounds frighten them from nestling or settling in your home.

Some ultrasonic bird repeller products come with easy to program devices that won’t irritate human ears. Unlike most audible bird control devices, these types of tools are more specific to birds of various species. High-end technology used in these instruments use ultrasonic groups programmed to low, medium or high groups.

Other ultrasonic bird repeller devices come with sonic repeller features for maximum effects. Using combined harassment calls, cries and predator sounds, this kind of ultrasonic device prevents desensitization and scare the pests for good.

Ultrasonic bird control products are also used within closed places of your home like garages and barns. This uses a programmed repeller with modificated frequency, speaker and warble rate to avoid desensitizing birds.

Some ultrasonic devices have additional features like visual strobes to divert their attention away from your home, barns, warehouses and garages. Nesting is the dominant reason these birds stay within enclosed spaces. To avoid this, combination of visual and audio devices prevent these birds from settling.

Sonic bird repeller products uses a variety of audio sounds that permit wider coverage of birds, including ground animals. Compared with ultrasonic bird repeller products, sonic devices are far more superior and more efficient. Electronic devices like fogging machines and visual devices like balloons and flash tapes may be used with ultrasonic bird products. It aids in keeping these birds away from your home for good.

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