Keep Those Stubborn Weeds Off Your Brick Patio

Weeds can make your garden, yard, and walkways look ugly. But having them on your patio can be the most frustrating, who wants to sit outside for a nice lunch and see a bunch of rotten weeds sticking up? Fear not, because there are a few tools and techniques you have at your disposal to keep those pesky critters off your brick patio.

The best way to prevent weeds from your patio of course is installing it properly in the first place. You want to start off with a inner of pea gravel, then cover that with a good scenery cloth, then top all of that off with a thick inner of sand. This will provide a good base for your brick patio to not only give it a good substantial feel, but also keep those weeds from popping up.

If you already have your patio installed however, there are some ways to keep weeds away without a ton of back breaking labor.

To get a good start, it’s best to do your weeding before they fully grow, that way your job will be much easier, plus the weeding that you do will last for a much longer time before they start to sprout again.

For the following techniques, make sure to protect any surrounding plants that you want to keep safe by covering them with cardboard. Believe it or not, boiling water can kill many types of perennial weeds, and it’s great to weaken other types of weeds. First, you want to cut the wees down to their crowns, then boil some water in a tea kettle, then go ahead and douse the weed crowns with the water. keep up the tea kettle down close to minimize the splashing.

The next technique involves vinegar and a spray bottle. Not just any kind of vinegar will do however, you’ll need a 10% vinegar for this job. For the really stubborn weeds, you may already need 20% vinegar. Spray directly onto the weeds and say bye bye to those patio pests!

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