Lumia 950xl Review!

Build and design

Windows phones were never famous for their design, why? Because they design their phones like any other smart phone, nothing to it. No one would ask you hey, which phone is this? just by looking at it, its mind numbing. However it has that gorgeous quad HD characterize which would blow anyone away, its crystal clear, with the resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels and possess a pixel density of 518 though it can look a bit washed out. I nevertheless think the effectiveness of a gorgeous looking phone is when its alluring to the eye or feels premium in the hands, Lumia 950XL checks none of this.

Windows mobile

It is no secret that lately Microsoft has been firing all the bullets in their guns. They are ready to set an unpredictable future in which there are no guarantees of success. This leads to the idea of Windows mobile and continuum. Windows mobile is a perfected OS that is ready to use but really its not. The edge experience can be described as A paucity of quality browsing neither the design is noticeable nor the performance.

Cortana is not already 10% accurate as it used to be on Windows Phone 8.1 Windows mobile has also transpired into a service which leads us to no clear release date. The design of the overall UI has been overhauled, its sleek, beautiful and intuitive, no questions there! The most exciting part of Windows ecosystem are the universal apps, apps that would work across all Microsoft devices, but already with the idea of universal apps floating the app gap is nevertheless there and its frightening for Microsoft. Continuum is the king characterize Microsoft is bringing to the table, let me be judgmental of that, Its a gimmick!If Microsoft wanted to develop a synced experience throughout their devices then I would call this characterize a gimmick as there are already universal apps that does the same job, a rational person would open his laptop to check his email in order to get a clearer view and the dock is itself costs $99. Microsoft has pushed the limits by innovation, in which they preferred a fingerprint sensor over a characterize called Windows hello, the camera scans your eyes and identifies you, uncomfortable and lazy!Its nevertheless early days to comment on the future of Windows mobile but we will know in the near future how functional are these features in real time usage, right now its an unpolished or an unfinished experience that needs continuous overhauling.

Performance and camera

The Lumia 950 xl is packing a prodigious camera, that is set to take great shots. It has a 20 megapixel camera with OIS and triple led flash that would assist the photo quality in low light, and would capture a stabilized video with sustain for 4K. We all know that Lumia is known for its great cameras and its no different this time. The Lumia 950xl is also rocking the snapdragon 810 chip and an Adreno 430 GPU which method that there should be no trouble in opening of apps, multitasking and other user activities, but again Windows 10 is nevertheless young and not complete optimized which can end up already disappointing in this area, but updates never stops which method revamping of the software will continue to provide the user a well-constructed experience.

Final verdict

The phoenix must burn to appear.

Windows mobile is the unexpected of Windows 10 and the reality of universal apps. The Lumia 950xl is an amazing phone to have, the hardware is there to soak up any kind of pressure, the camera is noticeable but time has come where the developers needs to step up to create a difference in the Windows phone community. I nevertheless think the app gap problem is the biggest hurdle in the Windows phones success throughout the years. Developers need to get motivated as now is the perfect time to change the whole dynamics of Windows mobile with the idea of universal apps coming true.

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