Malpractice – Failure to Meet the Standard of Care

Medical facilities require healthcare professionals to to follow the usual standard of care of their patients. Failing to do so can consequence in harm to the patient. This breach of duty is called malpractice. Victims of malpractice have legal rights to keep up the party(s) responsible for their negligence that caused damages. These damages can include:

Mental pain Financial losses due to the injury, including medical expenses and wages lost Loss of a loved one or loss of sustain (where the negligence resulted in death) The Importance of an Experienced Attorney

Malpractice situations are very complicate. Having an attorney is important because it is their job to prove that the negligence of the healthcare provider caused an injury to the victim (plaintiff). Legal, medical and financial research is required for an attorney to utilize in order to have positive outcomes.

Medical attorneys will estimate your claim and establish whether a lawsuit is a possible option. One factor is if the claim will be filed within the statute of limitations. Every state has statute of limitations on malpractice situations. Statute of limitations method that a time limit applies to situations of Malpractice. Most of these situations range from one to three years from when the incident occurred or when it was reasonably discovered. Failing to file before the statute of limitations will relinquish the right to a lawsuit. The statute of limitations varies by state; contact a malpractice attorney to find out the laws in your state.

Medical Errors and MalPractice situations

In the United States there are close to 98,000 deaths occurring each year. In addition, hundred of thousands of patients are injured because of medical errors. As upsetting as these numbers are, malpractice situations are not as shared as it seems. This is because, as noted earlier, malpractice situations are complicate and expensive to take to court. Nonetheless, individuals have the right to pursue a lawsuit to retrieve losses due to the medical error.

Some factors that can consequence in a malpractice case include:

Lab errors Surgical errors, in addition as anesthesia mistakes Misdiagnosis, missed diagnosis or wrong diagnosis Labor and delivery mistakes resulting in injuries such as cerebral palsy and Erbs palsy Medication mistakes

Doctors do not only make medical errors, nurses, pharmacists, dentists, and other healthcare professionals can make them.

Contact a Malpractice Attorney about Malpractice

If you speculate you have a malpractice case, contact a medical malpractice attorney right away. They will estimate your case at no cost to you to determine if you have a valid claim and advise you of your legal options.

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