Man of the Hour – Virat Kohli

Man of the Hour – Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli has come a long way from the promising young talent of the Indian cricket team to one of the best middle order batsman in the world. His has rectified the nuances that he had as a novice and has started thinking clearly and intelligently as far as the game is concerned. He has learned to prioritize his duties in the team and to optimize his role as a batsman. Besides being an ace batsman, he can also bowl with his right arm at a medium speed. His step by step transformation has caused the rest of his team mates, captain and fans to cast their hope on him so much so that he is slowly being regarded as the teams luck charm. And God knows we need one badly.

These days, India has had a terrible run of luck at the cricket match. In Indian Australian tour of 2011- 2012, the only silver lining of another wise disastrous tournament was Virat Kohli hundred that he scored in Adelaide. already the senior players, including the captain, Mahendra Singh Dhoni had to bow their heads in shame thanks to their washed up performances. The 2012-2013 season saw another tour where the seasoned rivals, India and England, battled each other. Again, Kohli along with a few other up and coming young players stood out like shining beacons of light. He was awarded the man of the match in one game where he showed exemplary skills.

It is amazing that certain people can nevertheless badmouth Kohli in spite of of his stellar up keep. Recently former Indian cricketer and captain- Mohammad Azharuddin spoke his mind out regarding the current situation of the Indian cricket team. He said that the team lacks direction and coordination and that the Captain needs to select the players based on their form and not their reputation. He hinted that Kohli should be dropped out as he has been struggling with his new found commitments at the top. It is hardly fair that such remarks can be tossed about just because he didnt fare well in a associate of matches.

Another incident when the Virat Kohli profile popped up in the newspapers unfavorably was when he spoke about the third ODI series between India and England, which India won by seven wickets, to the media. The Board for Control of Cricket in India (BCCI) sent a notice to reprimand this action as the players are only allowed to divulge information during press conferences.

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