Microwave Termite Treatment Applicator Preparation

Microwave Termite Treatment Applicator Preparation

The first important preparation to performing a microwave termite treatment is to have a complete termite inspection preformed by a qualified specialized. The inspection details should be provided in a written report along with all findings and recommendations. The inspection report should also indicate what kind of termite and where each termite infestation is located.

An estimated treatment time and job cost can be established once a written termite report is obtainable. The time it takes to microwave treat an area of termites is based on the overall size, location and number of colonies to be treated. A job cost calculate is calculated and determined by the hour and number of personnel it takes to complete a treatment.

All parties who are involved with the application treatment should sign a contract agreement and schedule a treat time and date. This is usually achieved via use of occupant notices and disclaimer forms commonly provided by the microwave device manufacturer and customized by the firm or management personnel performing the microwave application.

Prepare a written work order to join the applicator to the treatment site. Also include a copy of the complete written termite report that was performed on the character to be treated. Write down the treatment details on the work order and also include any special notes or equipment that may be needed to complete the microwave termite treatment application. Special equipment needed may include scissor lifts for additional high places and additional or specialized termite detection devices.

Arrive at the application character on the scheduled date and be on time. Follow the access meaningful arrangements and begin the microwave termite treatment application in accordance with the written work order and the microwave device label operator protocols.

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