Microwave Treatment Termite Detection Tool Advantage

A very important step of microwave termite treatment is detection and precise location of the complete termite colony to be treated. Many areas of termite infestation are one hundred percent visible and clearly noticeable without the use of any termite detection tools.

The uses of termite colony detection tools are of great assistance in isolating the precise location of hidden termites chiefly when the evidence of infestation leads into far away non-visual areas.

The main advantage of knowing the precise location of a hidden termite colony allows for efficient and thorough microwave treatment to be applied directly at the true source without wasting time and resources by treating nearby areas that are not infested.

Without the use of a termite detection tool at far away treat areas, a treatment may take two to three times longer and include more applied microwave applications to insure the complete coverage of the estimated target colony location.

Several different types of termite detection tools are obtainable for use. There are infrared devices for detecting the heat given off by termites within wall voids. Unfortunately the infrared device also detects other heat supplies that may over shadow the heat of termites.

There are microwave detection devices that release radar groups by walls and show the findings on a digital screen similar to that of a fish finder. They require costly monthly calibration and lease fees but do seem to detect well.

There are also borescopes that allow looking into wall areas by a flexible fiber optic tube that contains an internal light emitting source. Some models already provide video screen viewing and recording. Borescopes work well but are limited to evasive application use.

A recent technological new comer is a CO2 termite detection device. It can be purchased for a reasonable price and is one hundred percent effective in detecting termites. It has been receiving great reviews from users and is claimed to be additionally effective in detecting bed bugs.

The advantage of termite detection devices allow for surgically precise termite colony eradication when used as a microwave termite treatment aid. They also assist in calculating the effectiveness of a prior treatment performed by checking for evidence of live infestation where it should no longer exist.

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