Minnesota DWI in Carver County and means Forfeitures

Minnesota DWI in Carver County and means Forfeitures

If you have the misfortune to be arrested for a DWI in Carver County, you need to contact a Carver County DWI Attorney as soon as possible. Minnesota legislature has passed laws that allow for the forfeiture of a means in certain DWI circumstances. Most often, the state will seek to relinquish the means when a defendant receives a third DWI violation within a ten-year period. However, if there are enhancing factors present, a person’s first or second DWI can consequence in your means being forfeited to the arresting agency. If the DWI is a First Degree or Second Degree, the means may be forfeited. If a person’s license was suspended as a consequence of a DWI offense that may consequence in the means being forfeited. If your DWI occurred in Chaska, MN, your case will be prosecuted in Carver County. Carver County has a population of 70,205. James Keeler is the Elected County Attorney. His office will prosecute the DWI charge.

In Carver County, the forfeiture proceedings are typically brought by the prosecuting agency. The will give you notice and set a hearing for the forfeiture. It is vital that you acquire an attorney as a default judgment may go into if you do not appear in court.

When you own multiple vehicles that but were not involved in the DWI, those vehicles that were not associated with the DWI violation are not unprotected to forfeiture. If you own a means and allow a person to function that means, that means is unprotected to forfeiture if you knew or should have known that the driver was impaired to the point of a DWI violation.

When the means is forfeited, the arresting law enforcement agency can use the means as it sees fit. If there is an noticeable loan against the means, the lender is protected. If the arresting agency decides to pay the noticeable balance of the loan, they will acquire the title to the means.

If you are arrested for a DWI in Carver County, and your means is unprotected to forfeiture, it is vital to contact a Carver County DWI Attorney. This attorney is knowledgeable regarding DWI Laws and forfeitures. In addition, this attorney will have had numerous dealings with Keeler’s Office and may be able to convince the prosecutors to dismiss the forfeiture proceedings.

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