Monster Cable Vs Cheap HDMI Cables – Are High End HDMI Cables Really Worth the Cost?

Monster Cable Vs Cheap HDMI Cables – Are High End HDMI Cables Really Worth the Cost?

It has been extensively debated whether buying expensive Monster HDMI cables that can run up to $120 for 2 meters is worth compared to some generic brands that cost far less. The same is true for dvi-hdmi, dvi-dvi, or dvi-vga cables. In this article we shall chiefly focus on hdmi cables and their cost worthiness.

Most debates surrounding the worthiness of expensive hdmi cables rule to some technical details that many consumers either find boring or too hard to understand. As a consequence, majority of the consumers keep unclear on this matter.

Many of us buy the cheap HDMI cables thinking that expensive cables are just a hoax and that we are not losing much in way of the digital signal. Others buy the expensive cables such as the monster cable hoping that we made the right choice and did in any case we could to ‘buy’ our way into high-def heaven. After all, who said that quality comes for cheap?

Well, I am one of those consumers who wants the best in picture quality without compromise. At the same time I do not want a solution that will burn a hole in my pocket however is good enough to whet my true high-def 1080p appetite.

I took it upon myself to do some research and in the time of action came across some powerful information in favor of the more expensive monster hdmi cables.

Monster says that bandwidth is the king and it is the 1080p signal and its requirements that set Monster cables except the knock offs. When you are trying to push high bandwidth to acquire the desired signal the throughput that Monster cables offer cannot be equaled by the generic cheap cables.

The connectors of expensive Monster cables are also designed to resist continued use and tear while cheaper cables may not boast the same. Many musicians understand this concept quite well where their equipments’ output can suffer over time due to shorted out patch cords.

Also, already if a cable has an hdmi-style connector that does not average it is a certified HDMI. Look for the HDMI logo which method certification from the HDMI licensing authority. Only high end cables like the Monster HDMI cables truly certify the 1.3a and higher speeds.

Length is also an important factor. Longer the cable, the greater the signal loss. That loss of signal in hdmi cable is mitigated as we go up the quality ladder. High end cables show much less decline of signal with increase in cable length. Whenever possible use the shortest possible cable length to minimize signal loss.

With this information in hand, I realized that I certainly wanted a high end cable for a true no-compromise HDMI experience. But, being the one to “always” look for online deals, I took it upon myself to do some comparison shopping for monster hdmi cable.

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