Movies in Delhi Are the Best Source of Entertainment

Films are the most powerful medium comprising of audio and visual effects to weave a story around certain characters. The audience is transported into a different fantasy world when they walk into a dark theatre and when they appear the film has had a cathartic effect on the audience. A movie makes you react in a wide range of emotions which could cover grief, anger, happiness or simply a feeling of well being. The artistes play the role of real life characters with whom we can easily clarify and we can also relate with the situations presented in the movies. It is no surprise consequently that in a city throbbing with activity such as Delhi, the capital of India, movies have produced a special place for themselves in the heart of the Delhiite. Movies in Delhi are not just a source of entertainment but a way of relaxation, chilling out with family and friends and for some already an education.

The emergence of a number of malls, in and around the city, has given rise to the numerous multiplexes. Movies in Delhi are no longer limited and the movie goers are literally spoiled for choice. The numerous multiplexes play a number of movies at the same time in different screens and the viewer can select any option that he wants. They are also the ideal venue to meet up with friends as the multiplexes provide not just entertainment but also eating joints, shopping stores and general places for hanging out with friends. Movies in Delhi find an audience among the various category of people ranging from those who would like to watch a movie just for entertainment value and already those who want to watch a movie for the educational value involved in it. The national institute of drama is also based in the city and many upcoming actors and actresses have their base in Delhi.

These movies are enjoyed by an audience that enjoys all genres of cinema. It could be an art film in one theatre and a completely commercial movie playing in another theatre. Any category of movies in Delhi will find a specific class of people who would be interested in watching it. It is no surprise consequently that film festivals find such popularity in Delhi. The city is also known for its tremendous extremities in the weather and a summer in Delhi can leave the citizens scared to venture out in the city. In such a scenario the air conditioned chill provided by any theatre showing movies in Delhi is a welcome break for the complete family.

The latest release of movies from Hollywood also finds their way into Delhi. The recent craze of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix among the movie goers of Delhi is a point in case. The movies in Delhi have an eager audience looking forward to the upcoming movies with eager anticipation throughout the week. As Mumbai keeps churning out the latest blockbusters of Bollywood the craze for movies in Delhi will continue their unhindered progress by the passage of time.

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