Moving Tips – How to Find Or Create an Apartment Or House You Love


Since I’m getting ready to move to a new apartment, thought I’d proportion some thoughts on the time of action of moving. First off, it’s an experience that is sometimes exciting, as I think about the possible places I might move into, but sometimes scary as thoughts go by my mind about, “what if I end up not liking the place?” “Will the neighbors be friendly?” “Will I like the neighborhood?” And, of course, there’s the dreaded moving course of action itself – “how on earth will I pack all this stuff by myself?”

When it comes to choosing a place to live, if you’re work is not providing an apartment for you, then you need to put some thought into what you’re looking for.

If you are being given an apartment as part of your relocation, then you need to focus more on how to make that place feel like your home, especially if you’re living with furniture and artwork that was chosen and purchased by someone else.

Choosing Your Own Place

I feel that it’s important to have an idea of what you’re looking for. First, figure out your price. Next, go out and visit some apartments or houses within your budget, just to see what’s out there. Personally, I rely on how I feel in an apartment. This is often more important than how it looks. So, figure out how you know you like a place. Does your heart jump? Do you know it because you’re inexplicably smiling? Or, is it perhaps the absence of feeling like you want to bolt out of a place as soon as you go into? All of these are important to be aware of as you choose a place to live, because, if you’re going to have to come home to it every day, you want it to be a place you look forward to returning to. Take observe about the criteria that make you feel most happy.

Here are some items to think about:

Space – how big or small do you need each of the rooms to be? Closets – how many things do you need to “hide” in the closet? Location – what areas do you like best and least in the city you’re living in? Neighbors – do you like to throw wild parties, or be more subdued? If it’s the latter, try and make sure you’re not surrounded by college kids, for example. Layout – do you care if the apartment space is “railroad” with one room right after the other in a straight line, or do you have another preference? Light – is it important that there be tons of sunlight streaming into your dwelling, or are you more comfortable in darker surroundings? Direction – do you like to confront the busy streets – perhaps enjoying a connection to the world outside, or do you prefer the peace and quiet of an apartment facing a courtyard? Comfort – is it important to have a doorman and elevator, or are you comfortable walking up several flights of stairs? Height – depending what city you live in, you may have the option to live on a high floor, or the first floor – figure out which makes you happier. Security – If you’re not looking for, or don’t have the option for a doorman/elevator building, familiarize yourself with the security system and entry-way of each possible home you visit, and try to return in the evening, to see if you’re comfortable with the surroundings, and feel obtain with at any rate system is obtainable closeness to Necessities – if this is an important point, figure out closest laundromats, dry cleaners, shoe repair, and supermarkets closeness to character – if you like spending time in parks, or hiking, etc., you may want to ensure there’s a nearby area for you to enjoy character

Updating a Pre-Furnished Apartment or House

If you’re moving into a place chosen for you by your company, you will most likely arrive to a pre-furnished, pre-decorated apartment and have only minimal ability to modify it.

In your case, find out what you are, and are not, allowed to change – whether or not you can, for example, repaint any walls, or hang your own paintings or photos.

Either way, you can most certainly frame your photos in desktop frames that you can place in noticeable places.

Plants or flowers are a wonderful way to brighten a home, and give you something to care for that you nourish and help grow.

It always makes me laugh – but a shower curtain has a huge impact on a bathroom – every time I’ve moved, once I put up my very own shower curtain, it makes that small room seem like mine, and it’s the first room in a new place that I feel at home in! Maybe it’s because I have so many toiletries that I can fill up the bathroom in about ten minutes, but I think there’s something about the room being small and easy to personalize quickly, that makes this a great place to start with.

If you brought any awards or trophies with you, or any other objects that celebrate your accomplishments and make you proud to look at, place those in very public spaces that you will look at every day and be reminded of things that make you happy.

If you have any hobbies you do at home – such as crafts, sewing, designing, etc – make sure that you bring these items with you and allow a space for you to continue those hobbies which are a source of happiness.

If you enjoyed these tips, consider downloading my “8 Steps to Feel at Home Anywhere in the World” eCourse. It offers many other strategies, and implementation tips on adapting to life in a new place.

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