Natural Pest Control Is Far Better Than Synthetic Chemicals

Natural Pest Control is not the norm when it comes to battling pests. Pests within the United States cause more than $1.4 trillion in damage to crops every year by affecting up to 40% of crop yields. The shared form of pest control is to use copious amounts of synthetic, man-made chemicals.

What is the harm of using these synthetic pesticides? If it controls the bugs, then why do we care what is used? Surely, they cant be dangerous because they wouldnt be obtainable, right? Well, that is EXACTLY what the chemical companies want you to think. So what?

The answer is not only scary but rather complicate. But simply put, these synthetic chemicals are not safe. Not at all. And as time goes by and they continue to be used, the greater the damage is being done. however, natural pest control could work. So why isnt it used?

A synthetic pesticide can be made cheaply, is easily distributed, and can be applied using existing equipment. Very little push back to using these lab-made concoctions.

However, there are very serious problems going on here.
• These synthetic toxins are harming non-targeted creatures in addition as the Earth. (By the way, non-targeted creatures does not refer to other bugs – it refers to everything above bugs in the food chain – including humans.)
• It is unhealthy to the Earth because repeated applications causes soil to die and not be able to sustain agriculture.
• Waterways are riddled with pesticide runoff.

What is worse is that synthetic chemicals will always lose their effectiveness over time. ALWAYS. There is a crazy scientific occurrence known as Pesticide Resistance whereby any synthetic pesticide will lose effectiveness and pests will become immune. The only solution is stronger and more lethal pesticides. That is exactly where we are today.

So why are synthetic pesticides being used? And used aplenty! The answer is very simple – corporate money. The large chemical companies make obscene profits on these easily manufactured poisons. All the players in the pipelines – distributors, marketers, suppliers, and end users are all being fed the same crock of bull – that these synthetic chemicals are harmless! No worries! Scientific evidence clearly proves there are no issues at all. Never mind the scientific research is provided by the same thorough pockets receiving the most benefits from the sales of these toxins… No conflict of interest at all, right?

There are plenty of natural options for pest control between products, processes, crop rotations, inter-planting crops, etc. that are effective, not cost prohibitive, and they work. This is one of the reasons that the Natural Pest Control Market is expected to grow to $10 billion yearly by 2025. Hopefully, as people learn the truth about synthetic pesticides, the need for safer products will continue to increase.

And we can move away from toxic options.

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