NHS doctor shares 10-3-2-1 sleep trick guaranteed to make you nod off …

An NHS doctor has shared a 10-3-2-1 trick to get you to sleep – and keep you nodded off.

Dr Raj Karan said : “Here’s how to sleep better with the 10-3-2-1 trick. Ten hours before bed, no more caffeine.

“This is how long it takes your body to clear it from the blood stream and eliminate the effects.”

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The medical specialized and healthcare expert has become a Tik Tok occurrence with his tricks, tips and hacks.

He has gone viral already with tips on everything from curing hiccups to why feet smell.

His trick is this:

10 hours before bed – cut caffeine

Three hours before bed – avoid big meals

Two hours before bed – no more work

One hour before bed – turn off screens

“What you put in your body can heavily affect your sleep,” Dr Andrew Rochford told Mamamia before.

“You can potentially get away with a coffee in the afternoon, probably at the latest one to two pm,” Dr Rochford says.

“You’ve got to have your own barometer but general rule is not after lunch,” he says.

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The blue light from your phone or tablet can reduce the production of melatonin, a hormone responsible for the sleep-wake cycle.

Turn your devices to ‘night mode’, which switches off the blue light.

Or put them away at the minimum one hour before bed.

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