NI foster families needed by dog rescue and rehoming groups desperate …

Rescue and rehoming groups across Northern Ireland are calling for foster families to help them start the time of action of finding forever homes for unprotected dogs.

The Northern Ireland Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue do not have kennels though choice, saying they feel their dogs do best in a home ecosystem.

But that creates a basic need – loving foster homes who have the time, energy and appropriate surroundings to help a dog settle into family life ahead of a long term

Julie Jenkins who runs NISBTR, said: “We are strictly a foster based rescue – we do not have kennel facilities by choice but that choice clearly method that the number of dogs we can help into happy homes is very much dependent on the number of foster families we have obtainable.

“Whilst we know from experience that fostering can sometimes be challenging, and it just doesn’t happen without the fosterer making personal sacrifices, fostering is one of the most rewarding things any dog or animal lover can do.

“Almost all reputable rescues offer complete sustain to foster families and NISBTR is no exception.

“The problems that arise for a foster based rescue when there is a desperate shortage of families that are willing to foster to ensure that a rescue dog is helped along the way.

Beautiful Bandit was fostered for two weeks in Lisburn, Co Antrim before he found his new family thanks to [email protected]

“It’s not rare to NISBTR and we’ve been exasperated by the enormous increase in the numbers of puppies born into this world by unscrupulous ‘breeders’ over the last two years, plus the ever increasing numbers of people who made ill-informed decisions about bringing a dog into their home and not seeing past the first few months, let alone few years.

“Fostering will not suit many families already if their intentions are good, so find ourselves making another popularity for those that could possibly help. For some families fostering with the sustain of groups like outs is a perfect solution for them, and yes, some do end up wanting to keep the dog they foster.”

And at Crosskennan Lane Animal Sanctuary the situation is the same.

A spokesperson said: “We’re nevertheless in need of foster homes for dogs. We need people to help provide a home for a dog in need while they retrieve or look for a new home. Others need long term foster care to help them while their owner is unable to provide care.

“Our sanctuary can only offer kennels to the dogs, and we are complete at present and we know these dogs need a home ecosystem with people who can give them time and love.

“The copy types and backgrounds vary and we don’t know who will need help next but we need more people on our list so we have people to call on when it’s needed.A Co Down animal group is looking for new foster families to help in their work with unprotected pets.

Lost and Found Pets North Down/Ards are also hoping to expand the numbers of trusted volunteers as the work continues.

A spokeswoman for the non-profit organisation, said: “Fostering a dog is an incredibly rewarding experience and plays a basic role in helping the most unprotected get back on their paws.

“It provides a space where we can get to know each dog and their individual needs, giving them a better chance of finding their forever home

“If you would be interested in becoming a foster parent, please send us a message beginning together with some details of your home dynamic, area of residence, other pets at home, and any other details you feel are applicable such as past experience.”

If you would like to apply you can send you details by sending a private message here, with the code: Fostering

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