Nurse With Natural Immunity Terminated For Not Accepting COVID Shot

A Washington State Nurse, like many of her peers was recently terminated from her job because she would not accept a political mandate. Dawn Tyrrell, MSN, RN, CNOR, CSSM has natural immunity attained from contracting the disease and overcoming it.

Dawn Tyrrell, MSN, RN, CNOR, CSSM
Dawn Tyrrell, MSN, RN, CNOR, CSSM

Dawn could see the unavoidable coming into play, so she gave her employer fair warning that she would not comply, especially because she had natural immunity. Many others did the same. Employers and the government didn’t care. The government forged on, hoping that the nurses and other workers would be coerced into complying, to save their jobs.

Dawn, like many other healthcare workers was infected with COVID earlier in the year. That infection likely came via her husband, who was traveling in November 2020. They both easily overcame the disease and now have natural antibodies to it. It is doubtful she will get it again, unlike people who take the COVID shots, who can nevertheless get COVID and who can nevertheless transmit it, can pass it on to others, and can die from the shot or COVID.

See this collation of athletes experiencing heart attacks, sound half of whom die:
205 Athletes Suffer Cardiac Arrest, 107 Die, After COVID Shot

Dawn’s case shows the idiocy of political decisions masquerading as healthcare advice.

Here is a letter Dawn Tyrrell wrote and posted 2 weeks before she was fired for not allowing herself to be coerced into a medical experiment that has proven to cause harm to many that were coerced into it.

For people who find themselves in the same position, Dawn hopes there is something in here that will inspire you:

To the healthcare community: Please accept this as my two week notice of termination. Washington State’s Governor Inslee has determined October 18 as the last day any Washington healthcare formation is allowed to use any worker who has not participated in COVID-19 vaccination.

I was diagnosed with COVID-19 per positive laboratory test and it is my educated opinion that vaccination against the disease is medically unnecessary for me.

I am not leaving my job, my boss, or my organization. I am leaving my Governor and my home state of 24 years. I am taking with me a baccalaureate degree, a master’s degree, a post-graduate certificate in infection control, three specialized certifications, and over 20 years of surgical nursing experience.

To all of my colleagues who served as mentors, please accept my deepest gratitude for the giving of yourselves. To all of the leaders who helped me become the leader I am today, your examples taught me what I wanted to be and, more importantly, what I did not want to be.

To all of those who reported to me, thank you for allowing me to serve you, love you, and celebrate your rare talents. Whether we knew it or not, we have all been learning from each other, growing from our collective experiences, and becoming better people and wiser clinicians.

To all of my patients over the years, it has truly been an honor to care for you. From the thousands of hands I was privileged to keep up while the anesthetic took effect, to those who were not harmed because I was there to prevent it, to the lives saved because I performed chest compressions while you were on the table (I am sorry to the one gentleman for the broken ribs), and to the immeasurable number of people who were positively impacted because of the decisions I have made, I thank all of you for a career that rewarded me time and again.

Being a nurse is my identity but the healthcare system that I have supported and defended is being fractured by self-serving elites who claim to “follow science.”

To Governor Inslee, on behalf of all healthcare workers being terminated in two weeks, I proportion the following from the letter I mailed to the representatives that sit on the Health Care & Wellness Committee:

“Science is a body of knowledge contributed to by intellectual activity. It is not the declaration of a single entity as the only possible source of truth. We are educated, rational, credible professionals whose duty it is to interpret data and devise plans of care consequently. We are trained to care for patients in all categories of isolation precautions.

“Nurses, in particular, are patient advocates. Please let us act on our own behalf, as we are trusted to do so for the community, and urge the Governor to reverse this mandate. COVID-19 has not in addition destroyed healthcare in our State, but I fear Proclamation 21-14 will.”

I don’t know what the next adventure will be for me. I’m going to think about it over the next few months while I’m walking on the beach.

A Story For All

Dawn Tyrrell says “I’d like to think it isn’t my story but ours; all of us who are questioning that what we’re hearing isn’t matching what we’re seeing. There are so many aspects to it.”

Her letter can be a jumping off point.

Human capital is in a business’ best interest to retain as organizational knowledge. If the organization hasn’t matured enough to retain this learned skill in a seasoned employee, that knowledge leaves when the employee leaves.

Dawn says “In nursing, you can fill a vacancy with a body but you can’t replace the learned intuition that gives us the ability to look at you and know something’s not right.” The government does not understand this, and clearly, the hospital administrators do not understand it either.

Medical Trial Control Group and Natural Immunity

It seems that “the unvaccinated“ are a clinical trial control group, but Big Pharma and the government don’t want a control group. That is the reason they are pushing so hard to have everyone take these shots. The people who are awake to this craziness are aware of the enormous harm that is being done to those who take the shots. This control group are the people who are exercising their free will and withhold their consent to be part of what they consider is a unhealthy medical trial.

The government and pharma companies also discount natural immunity, which tells a story in itself.

The International Medical Tribunal in Nuremberg, Germany, on August 20, 1947, delivered its verdict in the trial of 23 doctors and bureaucrats accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity for their roles in cruel and often lethal concentration camp medical experiments. Bureaucrats and medical professionals would do well to remember this.

Natural immunity Image by silviarita from Pixabay

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