Payroll Training Using MYOB

If you have an owner-operated business you can claim to be part of the most dynamic force in the current world’s economy. However, many owner-operator businesses are plagued by limited resources and the heavy burdens of day-to-day administration. If payroll issues are leaving you frustrated and at a loss, then how about finding the perfect solution? MYOB is an international provider developing and delivering award-winning software, sets and sustain for businesses and accounting practices alike. With over 700,000 businesses and accounting practices using MYOB products in five countries across the Asia-Pacific vicinity — why aren’t you? MYOB has the knowledge and skill to help you build your business, and make your job just that little bit easier. Using local knowledge and skill, MYOB can give your business the certain edge that it needs. MYOB also works with accounting practices to ensure that their processes are as efficient as possible, and to make the most of their productivity. This focus on both business owners and accountants, further strengthen the links between them so that everyone can assistance.

MYOB Payroll

You don’t need to be told about the time and effort it takes (not to mention the stress that it causes) to prepare the payroll, track employee leave and continue your employee records. Not to mention the burden of keeping up with all the tax and legislation changes. But MYOB has a solution. The MYOB EXO Payroll Software is an all-in-one management tool to help you calculate accurate earnings, taxes and deductions automatically. It also lets you track labour costs, analyze trends and create detailed management reports. It does each of these roles for you, all in the comfort of your very own office, on your own PC. Some other meaningful features include the ability to interact with electronic banking and the tax office; the ability to automatically accrue leave and manager payments in accordance with legislation; and the ability to export to MYOB Premier and EXO Business, in addition as most other accounting systems. We also recommend that you combine the MYOB payroll software with EXO Employee Information, EXO Time and Attendance and EXO Timesheets, for already more ease and efficiency.

MYOB Training

MYOB not only provides an exhaustive list of software products to help you and your business thrive, but also the sustain and training you need to get the most out of your products. MYOB Training is a Registered Training Organization (RTO) empowered under the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). This accreditation allows MYOB to aim and estimate students against chosen units of competency. MYOB Training for MYOB Accounting, Accounting Plus and Premier products include: bookkeeping, setting up, and day-to-day processes; progressive processes, and business reporting and examination; payroll management, end of period reconciliation and BAS, inventory management and accounting software. MYOB also provide training to join the BusinessBasic and RetailManager software. Some training is obtainable online, though most training is held for between 0.5 and 4 days in a classroom training ecosystem and led by a competent and reliable instructor. The courses are held in various locations around Australia in almost every State and Territory. The cost of the courses range from around $99 up to $979, depending on the kind of training program you select. Plus it is also useful to observe that booking more than one course may provide discounts to the cost of the courses.

Payroll Training

The payroll training session is a one-day, instructor led course that offers a number of skills and areas of knowledge to be attained. MYOB Payroll training can teach you or your employees how to set up payroll, link payroll accounts, go into general payroll information and employee payroll details, course of action adjustments to correct errors and course of action employee pay runs. You will also learn to print pay slips, pay employee electronically, sort out PAYG and Superannuation (and managing you superannuation obligations) and managing your annual leave and sick leave accruals. It also covers user access and payroll restrictions, customizing payroll categories, loading tax tables, doing reconciliations, producing end of year payment summaries and staring the new payroll year. With the wide range of knowledge and skills to be attained from using MYOB software and training, can you provide not to take part?

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