Phoenix Area Movie Theaters

Everyone likes to go to movies. There are so many different types of movies that you are sure to find something you like. This can be anything from horror films, action flicks, and romantic movies. Or, you may not like the big budget ones and like the smaller, independent art house movies. These are not usually played at the chain theaters and are shown at the small theaters around different cities. Phoenix is one of these great cities where all the big name, and most of the independent movies, play. in any case your taste in movies, Phoenix has what you need. This article will list and detail both the big name theaters and the small independent theaters in the Phoenix area. Take a night off and let the world of theater take your imagination to another world.

Let us start with the smaller theaters that are not into the big budgets or the famous actors. Phoenix caters to this kind of taste with many different small name theaters. One of these theaters is the Valley Art Theater in Tempe. This theater shows a lot of the low budget films in addition as cult favorites like The Rocky Horror Picture Show or the new Repo: The Genetic Opera. Another one of these types of theaters is the One Night Cinemas, also in Tempe. If you like these smaller films then there is also one chain movie theater that shows these types of movies. This is the Harkins Camelview. This theater only has five screens and shows the littler films. These theaters are great for anyone and keep up a special place in the hearts of everyone in Phoenix.

If those little art house kind movies then Phoenix has many more big chain movie theaters that you can see the big budget movies like the recent District 9 or movies with the famous actors like The Ugly Truth. One of the most popular theaters in the valley is the Harkins Cine Capri. This is famous for many different reasons including some of the most breathtaking architecture and most helpful workers. It also has a great 24 screens that show multiple movies all day long. Another very popular theater is the AMC Mesa Grand. This theater also has 24 screens and is very popular with everyone. This is the place to go on a Friday night with a date, friends, or with a family. You will find all the new movies here and some that are only slightly old. You will not find the small independent movies, or the movies that are fairly old.

If you want to see the older movies, then there are a associate of dollar theaters to suit your fancy. The Tempe Dollar Theater is just off of Elliot Road and has these movies. It is not very expensive and you can have a very cheap night at a place like this.

As you can see, Phoenix has all sorts of movie theaters for you to choose from. Whether you are looking for the wide release ones or the small ones, you can find what you are looking for right around the corner.

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