Phoenix Condo and Loft Owners Avoid the Hassles of Home Maintenance and Long City Commutes

Phoenix Condo and Loft Owners Avoid the Hassles of Home Maintenance and Long City Commutes

The newest trend to hit the real estate market in the Valley of the Sun is the move to dwell in urban lofts. while lofts have been a shared for years in the eastern vicinity of the country, the first loft development to be established in Phoenix came only recently in 2000. Ever since then, the popularity of this sort of lifestyle has soared to the levels of the Phoenix high-rises. If you are interested in purchasing a Phoenix loft, you should not delay in making your buy as many are being snapped up before they are finished. The market for this different way of living has pushed developers into frenzy as they attempt to create enough new construction to adjust to the increasing need from young urban professionals.

Phoenix Lofts and Condos Offer current City Life-style

The great thing about lofts in the city is that they allow for a completely new style of living for city dwellers who are tired of the typical suburban single-family home. From the setting of a loft, homeowners can nevertheless choose to obtain a lifestyle of comfort and luxury without retreating to the outskirts of the city. This way, you don’t have to fuss with maintaining a yard or commuting long distances to work. The conveniences and excitement of the city living are right at your fingertips when you step outside your condo. A high percentage of Phoenix condo owners are able to easily access restaurants, shopping centers, city events and other points of interest within walking or biking distance of home. In addition, metro Phoenix has a rapidly expanding public transit system allowing more and more of us to ditch our cars.

Lofts are a great asset to home buyers seeking a particular lifestyle that involves little time at home and the freedom to roam about the city on foot. Since most loft developments in Phoenix have only been constructed within the past few years, they are typically better appropriate to adjust to current lifestyles. The urban loft lifestyle typical of cities like New York, Portland and Chicago has not been fully developed to the same extent in Phoenix, but residents are confident that with the new light rail transit system opening in December 2008, Phoenix is destined for change.

There are Many Townhome Communities in Phoenix and nearby Cities

If you’re looking to buy a loft or condo in one of the new Phoenix developments or already in nearby cities within the Phoenix metro area, now is the best time to start your home search. New Phoenix projects include the Downtown Phoenix Lofts just down the street from Bank One Ballpark, the Orpheum Lofts in an historic high rise-building, the Artisan Lofts on Central method, and the Stadium Lofts, to name a few. If you are looking for a more traditional townhome or condo character, these are of course obtainable throughout the Valley of the Sun. Whether you are a young, urban specialized or an empty nest adult, the low-maintenance of condos, townhomes, or urban lofts is an alluring choice. You just have to decide if you prefer a more urban or more outdoor-kind of lifestyle.

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