Plan a Fabulous Summer Bash, Helpful Hints for Your Next Party


Your summer event can be a casual backyard barbecue, brunch or a picnic at the beach, but it takes careful pre-planning to make it look effortless. Consider these tips for your next event:

* Which way do I go? If your party is at a public park or beach area, guide guests to your location with printed maps, signs, balloons or other types of indicators. Give suggestions on where to park and if pay or free parking is obtainable.

* Dive on in! Pool parties are always a splash with guests. Make sure everyone knows the pool rules and that parents watch their children closely.

* Feeding an army? Decide whether to potluck or cater. When asking guests to bring food, be sure to keep track of what they’ll bring. Visit Real Simple or Food Network for recipes and ideas for delicious dishes that you’ll prepare for guests. Or eliminate the list and work with a reliable caterer who can help you select a menu, prepare and serve the food, and clean-up the mess.

* Pour me a cold one. Add a identifying characteristics drink to your beverage options. Concoct a new twist on an old favorite recipe for margaritas, mojitos, or martinis. And, be sure to have non-alcoholic options for designated drivers, in addition. Not sure how much to buy? Visit the Beverages & More Website and download the Party Planning Guide for ideas on what to buy, how much and how to serve.

* The 4-1-1. Set the right tone and expectation with an invitation sure to attract interest and attendance. Include date, time, location, and if applicable, theme, gifts and attire. Printed maps, directions and parking information are also helpful for destinations like a public park, beaches, or a new home. Send out invitations at the minimum four weeks in improvement.

* Don’t let the bugs bite. Use citronella candles or oil lanterns to keep mosquitoes and other unwanted insects away from your guests. These types of candles now come in beautiful colors like blue, green, red, etc. to match your decor.

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